Cartman Sings O Holy Night

Since Cartman can't remember the words to O'Holy Night, Mr. Garrison lets Kyle help him to get it right.

This clip was actually used as a Season 1 promo for South Park (1997), aired during the holidays on Comedy Central.

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  2. cappieh episode this wasn't in the episode was it? Reply
  3. andrey27 respond i cant quite remember but i guess it was. Reply
  4. ChvalryIsMe Cartman Sings O Holy Night LMAO!
    I don't remember seeing this on tv but its funny as hell!
  5. DemonAngel64 In the episode? No, this was not in the episode. however, it is on the album. The "o holy night" in the episode has the wrong words, but no cattle prod, and no one but eric. Reply
  6. cartman the 2nd hahahahhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think im going to die from laghter Reply
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