Cartman Sings O Holy Night

Since Cartman can't remember the words to O'Holy Night, Mr. Garrison lets Kyle help him to get it right.

This clip was actually used as a Season 1 promo for South Park (1997), aired during the holidays on Comedy Central.

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  2. bgkyle HA HA HA Omg he hardly srvuved the song I thinck eric cartman dyed 1997 :D! Reply
  3. shinny111 *_* i love this video!!! Reply
  4. KyleGrlFan1221 :D Cartman Sings O' Holy Night ! (: I laughed my ass off wen his voice suddenly turned deep fer a sec then Kyle is just like, "damn Cartman!" lol ! XD man i love this! Reply
  5. dyorkjr Origin of the clip This isn't in any episode, it was done as a promotional piece for their show, along with several others, including Ned singing Silent Night. Also, Jay Leno guest starred in another of these shorts for Thanksgiving and had helicopter blades come out of his chin as he exited Reply
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