You Gotta Swim!

Kyle is stranded in the ocean of pee. Meanwhile, Cartman finds rescue at the hands of minorities.

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  2. redsass1 You Gotta Swim! How can anyone not find this episode HILARIOUS??Anyone who finds this episode racist or not hysterical is looking WAY to deep into a adult cartoon,
    If you are just now figuring out that Cartman is a racist, bigotted, anti-semite,and paranoid moron,has either never seen any of the shows or has hit the crack pipe one to many times.
    To say that the show has changed directions, just shows how completely out of touch you've become with what the show has always been about.
    South Park, and especially Cartman, has ALWAYS ripped on every celebrity, religion, politician, race, steriotype or hypocrisy that this world consists of. Remember, "Either it's all OK, or none of it is".
    Personally, I find it disgusting that people find it ok to pee in a community pool.
    Invite a bunch of strangers over to your house and let them all pee in your bathtub or pool and see how enjoyable you find that.
    Keep rippen them apart South Park!!

    Save Endangered Plague Infected Rats Now!
    (and send em all to france)

    you know you are right I had a problem with something racist a few days before this episode so I guess I just looked to deep into the message of the episode like you said. some thing I never really do I just enjoy the show so I am going to watch it again. Just too let all you people know who are slamming me for my opinion that I have watched every episode of south park and there is only about 4 episodes I can honestly say that I did not like.
  3. redsass1 You Gotta Swim! what garbage, not funny racist as all heck I hope that this not the route south park is going in the future. Easily the worst south park episode ever.

    LOL I really don't know what bothered me about this episode the first time after re watching it.

    its almost all P no h

    hilarious but not the best in the season for me I like the F word best.
  4. scht101 You Gotta Swim! Kyle hates pee! Reply
  5. Buckey You Gotta Swim! Glad that one's who thought freak'n pee would rattle so many cages. Yeah the episode did kind of reek of pee...but it had it's moments...thankfully they passed quickly. Well here's to next seasons shows. I for one can't wait. But til then may we all learn from the pee episode and put it behind us...and lest we forget we can all meet here and talk about pee again, and again, and again until 2012 that is when pee will cover the earth and we shall be no more. Reply
  6. Tcreavis Whatever I seriously hope this guy talking about racism not being a future path is joking. If not, that's sad. Anyways, Awesome episode. Reply
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  1. About the Episode

    Pee Episode Air Date: Things at the water park are not what they seem. The boy's fun filled day is about to turn deadly. Events are in play at Splash Town that signal the end of the world is upon us. Cartman tries to warn everyone but no one will listen. Disaster is about to strike and the boys are in a race to survive.
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    Preview - Going to the Water Park

    Season 13
    Cartman is so happy about going to the water park he can't control himself.
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  3. play

    Pi Pi's Splashtown

    Season 13
    The boys head to the water park and start getting wet.
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  4. play

    Not My Waterpark

    Season 13
    Cartman sings a heartfelt ode about how his water park isn't the way he remembered it.
    1,100,971 views 00:02:12.131 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
  5. play

    The Myan's Predicted This

    Season 13
    Cartman does some calculations and makes a shocking discovery.
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  6. play

    Almost All Pee

    Season 13
    Officials are concerned about the high pee levels at the water park.
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  7. play


    Season 13
    Disaster strikes the water park.
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  8. play

    Almost All P, No H

    Season 13
    The police quarantine the water park and try to figure out what to do.
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  9. play

    You Gotta Swim!

    Season 13
    Kyle is stranded in the ocean of pee. Meanwhile, Cartman finds rescue at the hands of minorities.
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  10. play

    Pee Meltdown

    Season 13
    Stan's parents try to remain calm while the police attempt to find the antidote.
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  11. play

    The Pi Pi's No Good At Swimming

    Season 13
    The boys meet Pi Pi and find there's only one way to survive.
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  12. play

    The Minority World

    Season 13
    After the apocalypse, Cartman dreams about what the future will be like.
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  13. play

    Drink the Pee

    Season 13
    Kyle prepares for his big dive.
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  14. play

    The Antidote

    Season 13
    The scientists think they have an antidote and Randy volunteers to be the human test subject.
    13,689 views 00:01:48.233 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
  15. play


    Season 13
    Kyle finally bites the bullet, just in time to be rescued.
    16,869 views 00:01:41.643 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
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