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Don't miss the 201st episode of South Park, Wednesday April 21 at 10p on Comedy Central.

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  2. Antman8910 IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW.... i have been stuck trying to figure out who carmans dad is then i thought about all the episodes they have hidden aliens (VISITORS). maybe at the drunken bar dance Leanne Cartman screwed or was screwed by an alien, and that explains why cartman always gets the probes during alien episodes. they put him there to be their satellite for the show EARTH. Reply
  3. Joelippi Can't Wait Action, Truth, Comdedy, this is going to be a great South Park EPISODE!!! Reply
  4. stantheman1 Previously on South Park Nah, it's probably Chef since he's already dead. Reply
  5. Eimii The One Joke I Don't Think Has Been Made Yet I don't know if there's one in a Tom Cruise suit, if one of them is Cartman's father, or if they will play any part in this at all...

    But don't forget - CRAB PEOPLE.
  6. cartminspokerface07 Previously on South Park cant wait to see 201 Reply
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  1. About the Episode

    201 Episode Air Date: In the exciting conclusion to this two-part blockbuster celebrating South Park's 200th episode, angry celebrities, violent ginger kids, and Mecha Streisand face off against the Super Best Friends and the South Park faithful. It's a destructive battle on the largest scale, but all everyone wants to know is, "Who is Eric Cartman's father?"
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    Previously on South Park

    Season 14
    Don't miss the 201st episode of South Park, Wednesday April 21 at 10p on Comedy Central.
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