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Don't miss the 201st episode of South Park, Wednesday April 21 at 10p on Comedy Central.

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  2. dreamore i know what you mean the suspense is killing me i think by know pretty much every one in the world wants to know who the heck is Carmen father is?
    i mean they had made like 3 episode all ready about Carmen father and they still wont tell that shit!
  3. dreamore i just want to know who the hell is Carmen father? the suspense is killing me who do you think it could be? i don't know but if i had to guess.... it would have to be one really really mess up dude not to mention ugly really ugly what do u think? Reply
  4. cartmanBe4st why cant i watch it on the website????????????
  5. MeXiCaN143 tell me the other day i was gonna record this epidose but it didnt record and then it said it cant be shown again since it was like a violation or something and since then iv'e been waiting to watch it but wont show and i want to know who is cartmens dad and wat happens to southpark so if anybody watched it (everyone) tell me wat happened cuz i wana know. thank u Reply
  6. kennydiednooo South Park episode 200/201 If anyone wants to see episode 200 or 201 just follow this link
    Go to season 14 and click on either episode. it does censor Muhammad but it is still better than nothing.
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  1. About the Episode

    201 Episode Air Date: In the exciting conclusion to this two-part blockbuster celebrating South Park's 200th episode, angry celebrities, violent ginger kids, and Mecha Streisand face off against the Super Best Friends and the South Park faithful. It's a destructive battle on the largest scale, but all everyone wants to know is, "Who is Eric Cartman's father?"
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    Previously on South Park

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    Don't miss the 201st episode of South Park, Wednesday April 21 at 10p on Comedy Central.
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