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Don't miss the 201st episode of South Park, Wednesday April 21 at 10p on Comedy Central.

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  2. recordteam One more please, one more clip, i can't wait Reply
  3. lol_louis135 Previously on South Park i can't wait to see this episode,i have seen every single episode of south park and i remember that when cartman learned about his father was the 2nd episode of season 2,even though they tried to tell him at the end of season 1.i can't wait to know who is his father!! Reply
  4. Frozone189 FAIL EPISODE It's going to be a Queef Sister thing or something, I'm sure of it.
    That ad just shows what happens what happened in the previous episode, remember End of Season 1 and beginning of season 2?
    ...a trick episode!
  5. minibuni Cool i can't wait!!! Reply
  6. metboi07 200th episode Episode 200 was fuckin EPIC! An episode truely dedicated to South Park fans.

    Can't wait for the 201st episode. And loved the Mr. Hat cameo by the way!
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  1. About the Episode

    201 Episode Air Date: In the exciting conclusion to this two-part blockbuster celebrating South Park's 200th episode, angry celebrities, violent ginger kids, and Mecha Streisand face off against the Super Best Friends and the South Park faithful. It's a destructive battle on the largest scale, but all everyone wants to know is, "Who is Eric Cartman's father?"
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    Previously on South Park

    Season 14
    Don't miss the 201st episode of South Park, Wednesday April 21 at 10p on Comedy Central.
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