Revolutionary New Product

The HumancentiPad is introduced to the world.

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  2. ssj4goku09 s015E01 i think it is going to be a great season, and i think this one will be funny! Reply
  3. RichardV1150 Predictions I'm truly hoping for a fantastic 50/50, I'm at ease for the moment. Why you should be too?
    Well for starters, it's South Park, and you should always look at the glass half full, or in this case, half full of shit, literally speaking.
    I can imaging that Kyle might be all into Apple, since we know he owns an Apple computer, Stan also owns one, fyi. Cartman always wants to be ahead of Kyle in owning stuff, like in the trapper keeper episode. Or maybe Cartman gets his iPad first and Kyle out does him, in any case I'm not worried.
    We'll definitely see Cartman whine to his mother, as expressed in the press release image, that will surely give us all some laughs.
    If you look closely in the clip, you can see "the humancentipad" near a copying room, which suggest that they are in the Apple office. Who the surgeon is I haven't a clue, it might just be Steve Jobs.
    Whether the episode opens with the introduction of the Apple Humancentipad is irrelevant.
    The news of the Humancentipad will likely be shocking or amazing like in the entity episode of South Park.
    I would also sway away from thoughts of another 901, I think M&T have learned their lesson on changing characters too much, and all that. We can expect surprises. I also doubt anyone will die except for Kenny.
    Overall we should just let things flow, I mean it's a TV show, and it's coming from some of the best writers in the business, it's not like a family guy episode when different writers write the episodes. M&T deliver consistent content to their consistent audience. Rest well all you critics, we'll just have to wait and see for ourselves what happens.
  4. fact The Human Centipede is hereee Reply
  5. mishayopic awesome!!! Reply
  6. VARPU WTF? Reply
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more clips from this episode
  1. About the Episode

    HUMANCENTiPAD Episode Air Date: Kyle is intimately involved in the development of a revolutionary new product that is about to be launched by Apple. Meanwhile, Cartman doesn't even have a regular iPad yet. He blames his mother.
  2. play

    Revolutionary New Product

    Season 15
    The HumancentiPad is introduced to the world.
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  3. play

    Just Let Us See It

    Season 15
    The boys question if Cartman really has an iPad.
    78,386 views 00:01:37.515 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
  4. play

    Business Casual G-Men

    Season 15
    Kyle realizes he should have read the iTunes agreement before he clicked agree.
    123,303 views 1:29.798 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
  5. play

    You're Safe With Daddy

    Season 15
    Kyle goes to his dad for legal counsel.
    11,961 views 00:00:45.753 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
  6. play

    I Agreed by Accident!

    Season 15
    Kyle finds himself imprisoned with other users who "agreed."
    44,874 views 00:01:02.02 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
  7. play

    Fully Interfaced, Mouth-to-Anus

    Season 15
    Apple unveils it's latest technological breakthrough.
    62,870 views 00:01:21.79 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
  8. play

    I'm Gonna Click...Decline

    Season 15
    Gerald and the boys read through the iTunes terms and conditions to learn what Kyle has "agreed" to.
    21,176 views 00:01:04.356 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
  9. play


    Season 15
    The HumancentiPad enjoys a delicious burrito.
    49,989 views 00:01:44.646 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
  10. play

    You Won't Even Give Him A Kiss?

    Season 15
    Cartman goes on Dr. Phil to discuss his mother's abuse.
    20,020 views 00:01:26.295 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
  11. play

    Just Give Them Store Credit?

    Season 15
    Kyle's dad and the boys visit the "Geniuses" to get some answers.
    37,242 views 00:01:33.26 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
  12. play

    Cuttlefish Is Not Sitting Well

    Season 15
    The HumancentiPad fails yet another simulation.
    106,899 views 00:01:36.971 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
  13. play

    The Counsel of Geniuses

    Season 15
    The "Geniuses" gather to try and solve the problem.
    20,516 views 00:01:05.273 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
  14. play

    Can It Read?

    Season 15
    Cartman is given the very first HumancentiPad.
    19,296 views 00:01:21.831 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
  15. play

    The Toran Ra

    Season 15
    The "Geniuses" resolve the issue and Kyle's dad agrees to join Apple.
    18,429 views 00:01:18.661 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
  16. play

    Courtesy Lick

    Season 15
    Apple decides to recall the HumancentiPad.
    20,273 views 00:01:32.801 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
  17. play

    We Can't Afford That One

    Season 15
    Cartman's attempts to convince his mom to buy him an iPad takes a turn for the worst.
    124,340 views 00:02:10.296 Tags Add to or Remove from Playlist
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