Bear Claw

Eaten by a bear.

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  1. About the Episode

    Jakovasaurs Episode Air Date: The boys discover a new prehistoric creature called a Jackovasaur while camping at Stark's Pond. The government and good citizens of South Park do their best to keep this rare species alive, but soon realize how quickly these annoying creatures reproduce. The townspeople devise a plan to send them all off to France.
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    Last Two

    Season 3
    Cartman gets a visit from another Jackovasaur, who tells him that he and Jun-Jun are the last of their kind, but the boys don't care.
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    Go Memphis

    Season 3
    The town can't deal with the Jackovasaurs. It's decided to relocate them to Memphis, but Cartman talks them out of it.
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    Season 3
    Jackov "wins" and the family relocates to France. Cartman is torn up over it, but the Jackovasaurs are well-received.
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    Poo In The Wilderness

    Season 3
    The boys are enjoying an evening of camping. As Cartman enjoys a poop in the woods, a mysterious creature shows up.
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    That Thing's Funny

    Season 3
    The boys tell Uncle Jimbo about the creature. They find it, and just as Jimbo's about to kill it, Cartman stops him.
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    Endangered Species

    Season 3
    The Dept. of Interior identifies the creature as a Jackovasaur, a very rare animal. The town decides to name it Hope, even though it's already named Jun-Jun.
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    Dept. Of Interior Guy

    Season 3
    The mayor and the Dept. of Interior guys hold a town meeting. They decide to breed the two Jackovasaurs. Nobody cares about Cartman's speech.
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    Dr. Mephisto

    Season 3
    Due to a lack of genitals, the Jackovasaurs can't mate. Mephisto artificially inseminates Jun-Jun. She is now expecting
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    Pissing Me Off

    Season 3
    The dads invite the Jackovasaur over to watch football with them. He never shuts up, and he roots for the wrong team.
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    Littered with a Litter

    Season 3
    Jun-Jun gives birth to a huge litter of Jackovasaur babies. They get enrolled in school and prove to be the most annoying species of anything, ever.
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    Season 3
    The Jackovasaurs get their own sitcom called "Jackovasaurs." The mayor invites Jackov on it to be a contestant on a made-up game show.
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    Game Show

    Season 3
    Jackov goes on the game show to play against Officer Barbrady. The prize is a one-way ticket to France for the winner and his family.
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