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In what episode do the boys turn a girl into a whore?

What episode is it when the guys from South Park turn a girl into a whore?


I believe you're talking about "Hooked on Monkey Phonics" (313), where Rebecca goes from an innocent home-schooled girl to a make-up covered floozy. It is worth pointing out, however, that the boys don't MAKE her that way. Quite the contrary -- Kyle fell in love, kissed her...and then she became a whore.

You might also be thinking about "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" (812), where all the girls jump on Paris Hilton's "Skanque" wagon, or "Butters' Bottom Bitch" (1309), where Butters forms a kissing company. But either way, they're all great episodes...with very lose morals.


In which episodes do the boys not appear at all?

In what episodes have Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny NOT been seen at all in? Thank you!


Great question, and this only happens on a very, VERY rare occasion. So far, out of the 223 episodes so far, there have only been two episodes where the boys don't appear at all -- Season 4's "Pip" and Season 10's "A Million Little Fibers".

Check 'em out below. There's no boys, but there is a little bit of extra spicy Chang sauce...


What episode do the boys have Mexicans write their "essay"?

I've never been able to find the episode where Cartman speaks Spanish to some Mexicans, paying them to do an "essay"...only to have the Mexicans missunderstand what he said. Later the teachers had the same group of Mexicans do work, which all made it pretty funny. I just wanted to know what that episode is so I could see it again.


Happy to help out, buddy -- and that indeed is a must-see. This all goes down in "D-Yikes!" (1106), after Garrison goes on a rant against men and makes all the boys write essays on "Old Man and the Sea". Later in that episode, the Mexicans wind up teaching the class...and doing it better than Garrison.

Here's the clip you're talking about, but I recommend you watch the whole episode. It's a classic...


Do we ever see the boys' parents when they were young?

Is there any episode that shows the boys' parents when they were young?


Well, there's no full episode that shows the parents when they're younger, but you can briefly see Stan's parents young and hippified in two separate flashbacks -- one in the hockey nightmare from "Stanley's Cup" (1014), and the other from a Woodstock acid trip in "Die Hippie, Die" (902). Check both out below... You can also see Randy as a young boy-bander during his stint with the Ghetto Avenue Boys. That's from Season 4's "Something You Can Do With Your Finger" (409). It never gets old...


I heard there were two Cartmans in "Last of the Meheecans".

In the episode "Last of the Meheecans", there's a rumor that during the game when Stan gets over the border during the beginning of the episode, there's two Cartmans. I haven't seen it. But tons of people say they have. Is it true?


Ahhh, the folklore of South Park! Well I'd be happy to de-mythify this one for you. Yes, if you watched the version of "Meheecans" that originally aired on the Wednesday night, you can briefly see two Cartmans -- but only for about a second. We make the shows and deliver them so fast that sometimes these little things slip through the cracks. Fortunately, we were able to fix it in time for the final delivery of the master on Thursday.


Is that a picture of Rosie O'Donnell and Principal Victoria?

I was watching "Go God Go" and I noticed a picture of Principal Victoria with who I'm pretty sure is Rosie O'Donnell in the background. Is that ever explained?


That most certainly is Rosie, being large and in charge in that picture with Principal Victoria. But it's not just in "Go God Go", that pic has been proudly displayed on that shelf for years. (Seriously, look for it in the background any time Cartman gets in trouble.) It's never explained outright, but it's been there ever since O'Donnell made a cameo in the Season 4 classic "Trapper Keeper".


What are the lyrics to the song at the end of "Elementary School Musical"?

What are the lyrics to that adorable song at the end of Elementary School Musical?


You mean "Do What You Wanna Do"? That is definitely one of the more epic songs the boys have pulled out (very Fingerbang-esque). And of course, we're happy to help out with the lyrics. It's a long one -- but here it is, right from the script!

Stan suddenly walks up with the boys.

That's right. You know, sometimes you just have to go with what your heart tells you.
There's things we're all good at, and we can't just keep them bottled up inside.
'Cuz you got to do what you wanna do!
Don't let nothin' get in your way - chase your dream every day!
True, girl you know it's true - That if you really
wanna be you, you gotta do what you wanna do!
He was unhappy cuz he just wanted to play ball!

Cut a shot of Cartman walking up to some other kids.

(taking off jacket)
But he finally got the courage to answer his heart's call-ll-ll!.

Stan steps from Bridon over to Wendy standing with some other kids.

Just like me, all I ever wanted was to sing and dance.
And now that I stood up for my dream I finally have the chance!

Now the 4 boys all do the popping dance in a line.

You gotta do what you wanna do!
Even if other people don't really want you to. True, girl you know it's true.
That the thing you wanna do is the thing that you should do!

Some kids think I'm strange cuz I enjoy studying for exams.
But I don't let that bother me because it's who I am!

And I like nothing better than making fun of Jews,
and ripping on black people though some people think it's rude, But you gotta-

Do what you wanna do! Just make sure that what you're doing is what's cool and popular with everyone else.

Cut to the shot with Bridon in it. Bebe Red and one other girl walk up to him.

Hey Bridon, can we watch you practice basketball?

Uh sure.

Bridon walks out and the girls follow him.

Chew baby, chew and chew when you're eating jerky, if eating jerky is what you want to do.

Do what you want don't have restraint!

Don't stress about it or you just might FAINT!

If you wanna get high and jack off it's cool.

That's right you gotta do what you wanna do!


Do what you wanna do!
As long as what you wanna do is what everybody wants you to!
Glue baby, buy some glue! Just in case what you want to do involves needing scissors and glue-

Finally there's nobody behind the boys and Butters steps in frame left.

Hey guys. HEY GUYS!!!

The Music stops. The boys stop and look at Scott.


What episode does Cartman get the sex doll?

What episode was it when Cartman had a sex doll? He found it in his mom's closet and thought it was a present for him. Help me please! Thanks, you guys are fucking awesome!


Christmas came early for Cartman in "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery" (312), and he winds up carrying around his Life-Sized Blow-Up Anthonio Banderas Love Doll (with realistic genitalia) for the rest of the show. If you look closely in a number of episodes in parts of Cartman's house, you will see the doll making quite a few cameo appearances.


What episode has the boys hand-drawn as real human boys?

In the first few years, there was one episode where a one-second portrait of the four boys is shown as "real" human boys with their hats. I looked, but never found it again. I'm beginning to doubt what I saw.


Don't doubt yourself dude, it DOES exist. But it's not from as far back as you think -- that happens in Season 9's "Free Willzyx" (913), when the two guys from Denver Sea Park are trying to track down Willzyx and the boys. That is a very hard easter egg to find, feast your eyes and be ready to hit the pause button...


What poem is read at Kenny's funeral in "Sexual Healing"?

What is the poem being read at Kenny's funeral in the "Sexual Healing" episode? (Season 14). Thanks!


Great question dude! I actually had to do a bit of research to find the answer. The priest is reading a very, very old poem called "Crossing The Bar", written by Alfred Lord Tennyson in 1889. He was a very popular English poet and his work still remains influential, even to this day. As for why this is being read at Kenny's funeral, my guess is he also failed the Nice Lady WIth The Handkerchief Test.

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