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What's the story behind the intro for Rush's concerts with "Lil' Rush"?

Hi, first of all I have to say I love South Park. I've got two questions. Do you know that you have many fans in such a distant country like Poland? I'm also a big fan of band Rush. Could you tell me what's the story behind the intro for Rush's concerts with "Lil' Rush" ? Cheers to you!


I'll answer that question about Lil' Rush first, since it's a winner. Long story short , Matt and Trey are huge fans of the band Rush. And the band is (and has always been) a huge fan of South Park. So Matt and Trey decided they would do a little introduction to the band's song "Tom Sawyer". It's not from any episode, so to see that clip, you're gonna have to go to a Rush show. Which is pretty awesome.

As for that Polish sausage love, we know very well about you Polish fans (and all the fans across the world). The support and love we get from our International SP community is cereally overwhelming. If I knew how to speak a lot of different languages, I would say "thank you" in your native tongue. But I don' "Thanks!" in English!!

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