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Just saw new SP DVDs at Target. Are those special releases?

I just saw the new versions of the seasons 1-13 DVD box sets at Target. Is there anything different about these sets? Uncensored audio? Old episodes widescreen now? I've read that all the old episodes are being re-rendered in 16:9 1080p, which is awesome news. Are uncensored Blu-ray versions of the older DVD sets on the way?


Yes and no. Those fancy new DVD sets have been specially repackaged for Target. Some of them actually do come with a giant 2-sided Episode Guide poster made exclusively for that particular season. Those are pretty bad ass. Also, the sets with the poster also comes with a coupon for the Season 14 DVD...which comes out April 26th!

You are totally correct about our HD team re-rendering everything into amazing 1080p Hi-Def video. You may not even notice it, but Comedy Central's HD channel is already airing a lot of older episodes in HD. As for Blu-Rays, we hope they're not too far behind. Stay tuned here, we'll keep you up to date.

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