Summer of South Park

Battle Royale

I've Got a Golden Ticket!!!

It doesn't get any closer than this! Winning by less than 1 percent Cartman put on an awesome expletive filled performance and cursed his way to the top.

Snukes, nukes, lice and panhandling bums couldn't bring this champion down. The fans have spoken -- the SEASON 11 FAN-FAVORITE is...


  2. FuckThisShit The List Will Win Reply
  3. Mick Bynes Season 11 rules! Season 11 is my favorite season next to season 12. It's going to be tough to choose. Oh and The Snuke and Imaginationland Episode III needs images, they shouldn't be grey boxes. Reply
  4. Thatgladiatorguy the winner Tourette syndrome or The list Reply
  5. stanmarsh1999 Season 11 Round 1: The Snuke, Le Petit Tourette, The List, Imaginationland Episode II, Guitar Queer-o, Night of the Living Homeless, and With Apologies to Jessie Jackson. Round 2: Le Petit Tourette, The List, Night of the Living Homeless. Round 3: The List, Night of the Living Homeless. Round 4: The List. I'm pretty sure half of the South Park fan-dom world will agree with me on that one. Reply
  6. Thatgladiatorguy The final will be Le petit tourette vs The List Reply
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