Summer of South Park

Battle Royale

I Crapped on Your Desk Dog. Whats Up With That?

Fourteen awesome episodes and it all boiled down to one epic battle of the boobs. A singing penis, cheesing cat pee and Carman's AIDS couldn't stop the fury of Wendy Testaburger.

The potty talk was heavy in season 12, the fans voted and your winner is:


  2. Mick Bynes Season 12 rules! Season 12 is awesome, I loved Super Fun Time, Breast Cancer Show Ever, Eek, A Penis! and Tonsil Trouble. It's gonna be tough to choose. Reply
  3. Thatgladiatorguy The winner! MAJOR BOOBAGE NO OTHER! Reply
  4. stanmarsh1999 Season 12 Round 1: About Last Night..., Breast Cancer Show Ever, Britney's New Look, Elementary School Musical, Pandemic 2: The Startling, Canada on Strike, and Major Boobage. Round 2: Breast Cancer Show Ever, Elementary School Musical, and Pandemic 2: The Startling. Round 3: Elementary School Musical, and Major Boobage. Round 4: Major Boobage Reply
  5. dreadJakkuL final 2 major b(.)(.)bage vs. the ungroundable Reply
  6. MyBaD702 Best episodes here are Over Logging and Super Fun Time Reply
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