Summer of South Park

Battle Royale

The battle for Season 13's Bottom Bitch is over…

It was an epic fight as all fourteen episodes wrastled it out for the ultimate title. The Queef Sisters went free, Margaritaville cashed out, and the Coon got crushed by Bad Irene and Stan The Man. In the end, it came down to a gayfish finale between "Fishsticks" and "Butters' Bottom Bitch" -- but only bitch ended up on top…

You fans voted, and we're proud to announce your buttery pick for Season 13's Fan-Favorite…


  2. stanmarsh1999 best episodes. Margaritaville, The Ring, The Coon, Dances with Smurfs, and Dead Celebrities. Those beat round one or this is RIGGED! Oh, and Pee. Reply
  3. Thatgladiatorguy Fuck me dude GREAT dead celebrities vs fishticks in round 1... that could have been the final !! Dead celebrities should WIN Reply
  4. stanmarsh1999 Season 13 SMACKDOWN!!! Round 1: The F Word, The Coon, The Ring, Butters Bottom Bitch, Margaritaville, Pee, and Dead Celebrities. Round 2: The F Word, The Ring, and Pee. Round 3: The Ring, and Dead Celebrities. Finals: Dead Celebrities Reply
  5. cesar_94 uh fishsticks? Reply
  6. cesar_94 I will be furious if if fish sticks doesnt win Reply
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