Summer of South Park

Battle Royale

In Season 14, big balls reigned supreme!

Each and every episode fought it out, all for a shot at the ultimate fan title. Randy's Cafeteria Fraiche couldn't take the heat, Mecha-Streisand got mechanically crushed, and even the best-selling novel Scrotie McBoogerballs faltered in the Final 4. It came down to a heated battle between Coon & Friends and medical cannabis -- but one episode truly smoked the rest…

You voted in huge numbers, and we're stoked to crown your pick for Season 14's Fan-Favorite...


  2. Mick Bynes Mysterion Rises should definitely win I'm sure it's going to be a close contest between 200 & 201. However, Mysterion Rises has a big chance of winning. I wanna see Mysterion Rises win this one. Reply
  3. Thatgladiatorguy Who can win it? The coon trlogy was one of the best things south park has done.. if noen of those episode win it should be Medichal Fried Chicken no doubt. Reply
  4. stanmarsh1999 Season 14 Round 1: You Have 0 Friends, 201, Coon vs. Coon & Friends, It's a Jersey Thing, Mysterion Rises, Sexual Healing, Insheeption. Round 2: You Have 0 Friends, It's a Jersey thing, and Mysterion Rises. Round 3: Mysterion Rises, You Have 0 Friends. Finals: Mysterion Rises. Reply
  5. MyBaD702 Creme Fraiche should win. Reply
  6. Juriado You wouldn't understand, it's a jersey thing Sweet season. I only hope Crippled Summer (despite Cartman's hilarious nazi speech), Insheeption and Creme Fraiche go down :) Reply
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