Summer of South Park

Battle Royale


It's been an epic Summer of South Park showdowns, and this final Season was no different. Emmy-Winning episodes faced off against bullying grandmothers. Butters' Mahalo Rewards Card got crushed by Cupid Me. Even Cartman's scheme to swing the election went down like a bad batch of General Tso's Chicken.

In the end, it came down to a battle between two new-school classics -- "Insecurity" tried to beat down the competition like the UPS Man, but they were no match for the boys and Green Honey Boo Boo…

You voted in huge numbers, and we're stoked to announce your spooky pick for Season 16's Fan-Favorite…


  2. EricOrMan jewpacabra ftw jewpacabra ftw Reply
  3. stanmarsh1999 A Nightmare on Face Time definitely. Reply
  4. nymyzys A Nightmare on Facetime is my pick here!
  5. stanmarsh1999 Season 16 Round 1: A Nightmare on Face Time, Reverse Cowgirl, Sarcastaball, Raising the Bar, Cartman Finds Love, Going Native, Insecurity. Round 2: A Nightmare on Face Time, Raising the Bar, and Going Native. Round 3: A Nightmare on Face Time, and Insecurity. Finals: A Nightmare on Face Time. Thanks for reading. Have a good year! And let A Nightmare on Face Time win! Reply
  6. Thatgladiatorguy The final two. It's going to be Rasing the bar VS Nightmare on facetime , either is totally fine! great episodes Reply
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