Summer of South Park

Battle Royale

Apparently, Cartman's Mom is more than just a dirty slut. She's a winner.

By a mere 1% margin of victory, the skanky Season 1 finale took down South Park's first episode ever. You voted, and we're proud to crown the SEASON 1 FAN-FAVORITE…


  2. wm1890 how do u vote? every time i click on the vote box nothing happens, the only link that works is the watch the episode link. Reply
  3. Sammy Miceli <3 Reply
  4. koenkoen click on the box vote, and an "x" appear, now, you can click on submit, that is all. Reply
  5. juandiegodesbojango I agree with all the winners/ones that are winning, except that I picked pinkeye over weight gain 4000 Reply
  6. murasakistarr Favorite episode. I hope Cartman's Mom is A Dirty Slut wins. It's one of my favorites of season one. Reply
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