Summer of South Park

Battle Royale

Is Cartman's Mom going down? Not today.

In a battle that spanned 18 episodes, thousands of votes, and a 3-way final showdown -- only one episode came out on top. You voted, and with back-to-back Crack Whore victories, the SEASON 2 FAN-FAVORITE is…


  2. cesar_94 I finally got to vote. Chef's chocolate salty balls better win round 1! Reply
  3. Darkreana I can vote fine. Reply
  4. Jennysouthpark21 the reason is its not working so u have to log in later Reply
  5. pzunigac92 Chickenlover is already the winner! One of the best episodes ever Reply
  6. rgarcia128 You guys voted Chicken Lover over Summer Sucks! Are you guys even watching the episodes before voting! I see it is the Cartman fanboys voting. I like that episode to but Summer Sucks is way funnier. Chef is singing one of my favorite songs "Youuu and meee and her and you..." hahaha Reply
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