Summer of South Park

Battle Royale

In the battle for Season 4…molestering reigned supreme!

Seventeen classic episodes went head-to-head, and in every round, there were MASSIVE upsets -- Timmy got crippled, Miss Choksondik majorly choked, and Satan & Saddam went down in flames. Not even Fingerbang or NAMBLA could take down the rogue inhabitants of Smiley Town and Treasure Cove...

You voted, and we're stoked (and slightly surprised) to announce Season 4's Fan-Favorite episode:


  2. Krewe Fingerbang-bang you into my life! Singlehandedly my favorite episode this season. Top 5 all time. My pick to win this season. Reply
  3. splent My prediction: It will (and BETTER) come down between Timmy 2000 and Cartman Joins NAMBLA. Those episodes are some of the best ever. Reply
  4. mistaphill Season 4 Tough to pick between NAMBLA and Timmy 2000 Reply
  5. nemanjak Get the connection: "Do the Handicapped go to Hell?" "Probably" beware all ye who are handicapped. Reply
  6. thrombosis Molestered! The Wacky Molestation Adventure is not just the best episode of this season, it's the best episode ever. Vote for it or I'll tell everyone you molestered me. Reply
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