Summer of South Park

Battle Royale

Oh! Herro Mongolian!

It was a fight to the finish in this Season 6 battle, with over 60,000 votes in the Final round alone. The boys' highly-favored quest to return the "Hottest Porno Ever" faced off against Lemmiwinks and the Ghost of Human Kindness. But it seems no one could break down the City Wok Guy's great wall…

You voted in record numbers, and with a side of sweet and sour pork, your Season 6 Fan-Favorite is…


  2. bantutree Who should Win? I think it should be The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Twin Towers. Reply
  3. stanmarsh1999 Yeah. Completely agree with you, Asspen is a close second though. Reply
  4. nymyzys This is still in my opinion the best season as a whole, in the show's entire run. Not one bad or even sub par episode. Reply
  5. sausy33 where were you when the built the ladder to heaven , did it make you feel like crying or did you think it was kinda gay? Reply
  6. @vinihollweg So many classics... Yeah, I think this season only loses to Season 3 (hands down the best SP season ever) and 8 in terms of quality. Tweek as the 4th friend is one of my favorite moments in the show. "A Ladder to Heaven", "Free Hat" and "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers" are the ones I'm rooting for! Reply
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