Summer of South Park

Battle Royale

Smart Smart Smart Smart Smart!

Fourteen episodes started out in this epic battle, but even classics like "Christian Rock Hard" and "Fat Butt and Pancake Head" went down like a spicy burrito. It came down to a final showdown between happy-go-lucky Mormons and Mexican-food fiestas. But no one could out-shine Joseph Smith and his gold plates…

You fans voted, and by a landslide, your Season 7 Fan-Favorite is:


  2. HollywoodX Hardest decisions yet Life Long Fan!

    Christian Rock Hard has to win this, and the whole bloody tournament.

    This season has such good writing and diverse characters. Best Season Ever!
  3. Raichart LIl' crime stoppers,caza bonita or christian rock hard Reply
  4. wavern1955 gay I'd have to say south park is gay Reply
  5. TotallyEpicHD I think that it will come down to Cancelled vs Christian Rock Hard or Lil' Crime Stoppers in the finals. Reply
  6. stanmarsh1999 Season 7 South Park is Gay, It's Christmas in Canada, Red Man's Greed, Butt Out, Krazy Kripples, Casa Bonita, and Toilet Paper are my round one picks. Round two: South Park is Gay, Red Man's Greed, Casa Bonita, and Christian Rock Hard. Round three: South Park is Gay, and Casa Bonita. Final: South Park is Gay! But that is just my opinion (and yours hopefully!). Reply
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