Summer of South Park

Battle Royale

What a special time, a special day! It's Woodland Critter Christmas!

Fourteen classic episodes started out in this no-holds-barred battle -- the Goobacks got their jobs taken by AWESOM-O, and almost everyone got F'd in the A by "Good Times With Weapons". Over 160,000 votes poured in, but in the final battle, the Woodland Critters came from behind to unleash a real Christmasy bloody orgy…

You voted -- and in one of the biggest upsets yet, your Season 8 Fan-Favorite is…


  2. @vinihollweg Best Season? 3rd season will always have a place in my heart, but I think South Park hit it's creative peak with Season 8. EVERY episode in here it's a classic. Reply
  3. Thatgladiatorguy who will win? Stupid spoiled whore, woodland christmas critter or douche and a turd!! Reply
  4. Thatgladiatorguy The final Stupid spoiled whore vs woodland christmas critters or douche and a turd Reply
  5. DiegoDLC12 Another one of the greatest seasons of South Park. Really hard to pick just one episode...

    But I go with Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset, Awesom-o, The Passion of the Jew, and The Jeffersons.
  6. pizza_french fry Absolutely Favorite Season This season is just great all the way through, but I have to pick a favorite and hands down it is Good Times With Weapons. Reply
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