Summer of South Park

Battle Royale

See that? Hippies

Tons of epic episodes went head-to-head in this fierce competition for fan glory. Global warming got burned, Daywalkers got defeated, and Marjorine became a walking demon spawn. Even our most popular episodes like "Trapped In the Closet" and "The Losing Edge" got Bat Dadded. It came down to a heated finale between a Hippie Jam Fest and the ghost of Eric Cartman. But in the end, no one was a match for the Hippie Digger…

You voted, and we're stoked to crown this crunchy classic as your Season 9 Fan-Favorite…


  2. Rooster_Costume Death of Eric Cartman The image for The Death of Eric Cartman has nothing to do with that episode. She's from Preschool, not this episode. Reply
  3. Proff.Chaos256 Actually in "the death of Eric Cartman", she is one of the people that Eric feels he needs to make amends with in order to move into the light. Therefore she is actually a very appropriate icon. Reply
  4. stanmarsh1999 Season 9 Round 1: Best Friends Forever, Ginger Kids, Free Willzyx, The Losing Edge, Marjorine, Die, Hippie, Die!, and Trapped in the Closet. Round 2: Best Friends Forever, Free Willzyx, and Marjorine. Round 3: Free Willzyx, Trapped in the Closet. Round 4: Is too hard to decide because both of the episodes are worthy competitors. Reply
  5. Thatgladiatorguy Who can win? Trapped in the closet should win this, but Death of eric cartman and majorine can reach final as well. Reply
  6. DiegoDLC12 This is THE GREATEST SOUTH PARK'S SEASON. Oh man, it is so hard to picked just one episode... All of them are really good!

    But I go with Trapped in the Closet, Die Hippie Die, Bloody Mary, Marjorine, Erection Day, Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina, and Ginger Kids.

    P.S.: How can you put Die Hippie Die vs Bloody Mary?! That's insane!
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