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Clyde's Parents
Mr. and Mrs. Donovan are Clyde's parents. They are quick to join the atheist cause in "Red Hot Catholic Love" and to defend Clyde's poopscipades in "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce."

Look Before You Sit

Season 16: Reverse Cowgirl
The town mourns the loss of Clyde's Mother.

Slash Ain't Real?!

Season 15: Crack Baby Athletic Association
Clyde and Craig search for the whereabouts of Slash.

Clyde Did It

Season 10: Mystery of the Urinal Deuce
Clyde is blamed for dropping a duke in the urinal.

Necronomicon Thing

Season 14: Mysterion Rises
Coon and Friends find out more about the cult of Cthulhu.

Losing Their Religion

Season 6: Red Hot Catholic Love
The parents of South Park decide to become atheists.

Lice Genocide

Season 11: Lice Capades
The doctor prescribes Clyde shampoo to kill his lice.

The Ugly Kids

Season 11: The List
Kyle feels like an ugly outcast at school.

The Sketch

Season 9: Free Willzyx
The Sea Park announcers try to track down the boys.


Season 7: South Park Is Gay
The South Park metrosexuals decide to hold a pride parade.
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