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Craig's Parents
Mr. and Mrs. Tucker are Craig's adoring parents. They are perhaps best known for their love of flipping the bird.

You're Gonna Feel A Little Pinch

Season 5: The Entity
Meet the IT -- a high-tech mode of transportation that attacks your mouth and infiltrates your anus. But still beats dealing with the airlines.

Craig Is A Bad Influence

Season 12: Pandemic
The Parents all wonder what has happened to the Boys.


Season 7: South Park Is Gay
The South Park metrosexuals decide to hold a pride parade.

Metro Pride Parade

Season 7: South Park Is Gay
The Metrosexual Pride Parade is the final straw for the South Park women.

Losing Their Religion

Season 6: Red Hot Catholic Love
The parents of South Park decide to become atheists.

Parents Are No Help

Season 3: Tweek Vs. Craig
Craig and Tweek seek their parents' guidance and get nothing.
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