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Jason is another school kid at South Park. He has a balding-ish haircut and usually lends a hand when the boys are screwing around. He plays basketball for the school's the South Park Cows. His character was inspired by Jason McHugh.

Haha! It's A Trap!!

Season 14: It's A Jersey Thing
Cartman and the boys sneak into Sizzler.

You're About To Get Slapped

Season 12: Elementary School Musical
Bridon tries out for for the basketball team, only to be interrupted by his Dad's slap hand.

Eat My Underwear?

Season 12: Breast Cancer Show Ever
Cartman is committed to making peace with Wendy, and will do whatever it takes to get out of the fight.

I'm Going To Kill You Cartman!

Season 12: Tonsil Trouble
Cartman and Kyle rumble on the playground.

Wendy Not Invited

Season 8: Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset
Wendy isn't invited to Bebe's Stupid Spoiled Whore party.

Elimination Round

Season 6: Professor Chaos
The boys narrow the field of replacement friends to ten.
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