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Jason is another school kid at South Park. He has a balding-ish haircut and usually lends a hand when the boys are screwing around. He plays basketball for the school's the South Park Cows. His character was inspired by Jason McHugh.

Haha! It's A Trap!!

Season 14: It's A Jersey Thing
Cartman and the boys sneak into Sizzler.

I'm Going To Kill You Cartman!

Season 12: Tonsil Trouble
Cartman and Kyle rumble on the playground.

You're About To Get Slapped

Season 12: Elementary School Musical
Bridon tries out for for the basketball team, only to be interrupted by his Dad's slap hand.

Eat My Underwear?

Season 12: Breast Cancer Show Ever
Cartman is committed to making peace with Wendy, and will do whatever it takes to get out of the fight.

Elimination Round

Season 6: Professor Chaos
The boys narrow the field of replacement friends to ten.

Wendy Not Invited

Season 8: Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset
Wendy isn't invited to Bebe's Stupid Spoiled Whore party.
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