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Liane Cartman
Always ready to feed Cartman, she helps Cartman reinforce the idea that he's big boned. She is a Hermaphrodite, so she is actually Cartman's father. It is unknown who his mother is. She is known throughout town as a dirty-slut that has slept with the majority of the country. She has also appeared on the cover of Crack Whore Magazine.

I Can Be Forgiven?

Season 17: Let Go, Let Gov
Cartman is upset about his failed NSA infiltration but finds comfort in Butters' message.

Not Even One Scooby Clue!

Season 16: Obama Wins!
The boys search Cartman's house for the ballots, and are paid an unexpected visit by Mr. Mouse.

Who Is Mysterion?

Season 13: The Coon
Crowds take to the streets to see South Park's favorite super hero: Mysterion.

There's Dangerous People Out There

Season 16: Insecurity
Cartman gets a security system installed, while Randy becomes suspicious of Sharon's Amazon deliveries.

Little Chocolate Hearts

Season 16: Cartman Finds Love
Cupid Me leaves a present for Cartman in the toilet.


Season 16: Insecurity
Ike breaks down after what he witnessed his mother and the UPS man doing. Kyle goes the boys for advice.

Ocean Breezes and Coconut Trees

Season 15: The Poor Kid
The police pay Ms. Cartman a visit.

Stuffing Shortage

Season 15: A History Channel Thanksgiving
Cartman makes a horrifying discovery.

Occupy The Restroom

Season 15: 1%
Cartman retreats to a safe haven. Meanwhile, Butters forms his own movement.
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