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Mecha Streisand
This shrieking, Godzilla-like monster reigns terror down on South Park. Luckily, the monster has one weakness...its nose. She recently returned -- totally upgraded and super bad ass -- as Mecha-Streisand 2010 in the "200"/"201" saga. As usual, she was wreaking havoc and totally f*cking up South Park. Oh yeah, and she did a duet with Neil Diamond.

Previously on South Park

Season 14: 201
Don't miss the 201st episode of South Park, Wednesday April 21 at 10p on Comedy Central.

It Doesn't Sound Good

Season 1: Mecha-Streisand
Leonard reveals Barbra's motives for the triangle.

The Diamond of Pantheos is Complete

Season 1: Mecha-Streisand
Babs retrieves the other half of the triangle and turns into Mecha-Streisand.
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