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Officer Barbrady
Officer Barbrady is the trusted authority figure in South Park. He may not be smart, or even literate, but he's always there when you need him. Well...that's not actually true either. But he's around, trying to keep all the "lookie loos" at bay. Barbrady has a knack for interrogation, making hard (and often counter-productive) arrests, and providing the kids with useful where in town Jimmy can find some prostitutes.

NO Jersey

Season 14: It's A Jersey Thing
The citizens of South Park make a final stand against New Jersey.

Community Center

Season 9: Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow
The citizens of South Park take refuge.

Off To Colfax Point

Season 9: Erection Day
Barbrady tells Jimmy about Colfax Point.

It Shrinks

Season 14: Medicinal Fried Chicken
A wave of change sweeps South Park, but Randy gives Sharon a souvenir to remember.

You Got The Stuff?

Season 14: Medicinal Fried Chicken
The chicken deal goes down.

Celebrate Good Obama

Season 12: About Last Night...
The Obama celebration turns into an all-out street party.

School Evacuated

Season 11: The Snuke
Cartman informs the authorities of his terrorist suspicion.


Season 2: Cow Days
Kyle declares shenanigans on the carnival game operator.


Season 2: Spookyfish
The boys decide to investigate the origin of the fish.
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