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Stan Marsh
Stan is your average, American 4th grader living in a pretty f*cked up town. When crazy things happen in South Park, he and Kyle often provide the voice of reason and help to fix the problem.

He briefly was the head of Scientology, the coach of a Pee Wee hockey squad, and is great pals with the Super Best Friends.

Stan has a sister named Shelly, a gay dog named "Sparky", and was crazy in love with Wendy Testaburger". They broke up for a while but have since patched things up.

Although he may seem like a normal 4th grader, Stan doubles as the superhero "Toolshed", a lead member of Coon and Friends.

An Audience With The Princess

Season 17: A Song of Ass and Fire
The Wizard King and his army visit Princess Kenny with one last opportunity to avoid the upcoming war.

They're YOUR Yummy Farts

Season 17: Ginger Cow
Stan visits Kyle to try and find out why he likes Cartman's farts so much.
Tags: Kyle, Cartman, Stan

A Dying Breed

Season 17: Black Friday
Stan and his Playstation army discuss their battle plans.
Tags: Jimmy, Stan


Season 17: The Hobbit
They boys check out the girls' new pictures, while Stan asks Wendy for an "updated" one.
Tags: Wendy, Stan

Completely Betrayed

Season 17: Titties and Dragons
Kyle visits a captive Stan and apologizes.
Tags: Kyle, Stan

He's Lying To You!!

Season 17: Titties and Dragons
Cartman and Stan discuss their plans in the Enchanted Garden, only to be interrupted by the old man again.
Tags: Cartman, Stan

Black Friday Is Over

Season 17: Titties and Dragons
The boys make their way through the remnants of the Black Friday carnage and claim their prize.

Let's Finish It!!

Season 17: Titties and Dragons
Randy and the Mall Guards find out about the Red Robbin Wedding, while Bill Gates and the President of Sony throw down.

Are You Sure, Fart Boy?

Season 17: Ginger Cow
Cartman and Fart Boy are honored in Israel, but Stan intervenes with the truth about the Red Cow.
Tags: Kyle, Kenny, Stan
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