Six Days to South Park - Super Fun Time

  1. Today is the first day of production on episode 1207. As of April 17th the title of the show is "The Living Museum." Two scenes were recorded and storyboarded. No animation yet. There are a few "Black Holes" in this cut. This is how the show looks just six days before broadcast. Seriously.

  2. Seven new scenes were written and recorded today. The Storyboard Department drew over 85 panels for the animatic today. The technical directors started building all the new characters and backgrounds. Some may notice Butters and Cartman are holding the opposite hand in the broadcast version.

  3. Five new scenes were written and recorded oday, and the name of the episode has changed to "Super Fun Time." So far, about 40 shots have been animated. The Average South Park episode consists of about 450 shots. Some voices are still temp audio, with either Matt or Trey voicing the female parts.

  4. Four new scenes were written and recorded today. The animators are picking up the pace and the storyboards are being replaced. Some of the shots are being restaged and there are quite a few animation changes. Some shots have textures turned off and layering issues. It's all part of the process.

  5. Big changes today. A majority of the current script has animation and most of the "Black Holes" have been filled. It may seem like the picture is stuttering in the last few shots of the show. Trey is looping frames to let the animator know that wants Butters dragging Cartman to be much slower.

  6. This is how this episode looked at 10PM on Tuesday night, about 24 hours before it aired. Two new scenes were written today. There are a few lonely shots to be animated, and the episode is one minute too long for broadcast. The crew will work for another 10 hours before the episode is finished. Six days goes so fast!

  1. Apr
    Day 1 144 Hours till Air
  2. Apr
    Day 2 120 Hours till Air
  3. Apr
    Day 3 96 Hours till Air
  4. Apr
    Day 4 72 Hours till Air
  5. Apr
    Day 5 48 Hours till Air
  6. Apr
    Day 6 24 Hours till Air
  7. Apr
    Day 7 On Air!

  2. Madison marsh Coolio! Wow this is cool now we know how the episode "super phun thyme" was made but I would sure like to me a character on South Park and meet Matt Stone and Trey Parker.That would be AWSOME!!!! Reply
  3. Hayley B Video Unavailable Interesting on how much work got done, compare to day 1. Reply
  4. derp2000 Can't get it to work?? I can't get it to work :( all that comes up is an Intel commercial... weak Reply
  5. mrfreakyinastar AWESOME!!!! And I thought I'd be tired of this ep because of the Alien contest :P Reply
  6. LawrenceTaylor Video Unavailable If only this played for us Canadians. Reply
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