Six Days to South Park - About Last Night

  1. It is Halloween Day and the crew is hard at work on the 2008 election episode of South Park. Production began on this episode about a month ago, but the episode has not been touched in 27 days. Even though they got a head start, most of this animation and dialogue will change in some way in the final version.

  2. With 93 hours to go before broadcast, the title of the episode has changed to "McCain '08." The biggest change is that Butter's Dad is now a McCain supporter and lamenting the loss of his candidate. This is the first version of the episode to include the concept of McCain and Obama's heist plans for the Hope Diamond.

  3. Four more minutes have been added to the show today. In one scene, we learn that Ike is a McCain supporter, and another street party scene has been included. There are tow noticeable scenes where the lip-sync does not match the dialogue. These reflect script changes that Trey has made to episode.

  4. It is 45 hours to air, and the show has jumped to almost 20 minutes of script. Animation is starting to take the place of static storyboard panels. Noticeable changes today include the introductions of Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama, and the episode now has an ending. Less than two days to go!

  5. It is now 11pm, just 26 hours to air, and the crew is 13 hours into an all-nighter. President-Elect Obama has just finished his acceptance speech, but the animation in the show still reflects the temp audio. Trey is deciding which portions of Obama's speech to re-record for the show.

  6. In the last eight hours, Trey has added the actual words from Obama's speech and the animators are just starting to work on the diamond heist sequence. There are still about 20 shots that have not yet been animated. The crew has another four hours of work before the show is done. Six days go by so fast!

  1. Oct
    Day 1 119 Hours till Air
  2. Nov
    Day 2 93 Hours till Air
  3. Nov
    Day 3 74 Hours till Air
  4. Nov
    Day 4 46 Hours till Air
  5. Nov
    Day 5 26 Hours till Air
  6. Nov
    Day 6 14 Hours till Air
  7. Nov
    Day 7 ..Still Day 6 On Air!

  2. KennyFan2008 About Last Night! Wow. it's amazing how they had this episode for a month before the election. I wonder what South Park would done if Mccain became presdient? Obama! Obama! Reply
  3. Tubebaum If Mccain won Either Matt or Trey already said in an interview that if Mccain won they would have just ran the episode the way they made it. They just happened to get lucky (maybe) and guessed correctly that Obama would win. Reply
  4. hockeypimp360 Video Unavailable If wou havent noticed were in a recession. He isnt promicing to change everything. Hes actually begging to get us out. Reply
  5. KennyFan2008 recession If i remember correctly President Bush got us in this recession. Bush beged the united states in to this recession. The two wars, billion dollar bailout. Excuse me if Obama is trying to change things up little bit. By getting us out of the recesssion! Reply
  6. Jacky_H Video Unavailable AWESOME! I LOVE THIS EPISODE! Reply
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