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145 - breayle: May 02, 2001

Hey Guys,

I found a few things on Ebay today and thought you all might want to little gawk at 'em. They're pretty cool and Ebay is always a good place to check for stuff like this all the time. Usually it's at a pretty good price. Check it out:

A copy of Orgazmo on VHS is always a nice thing. For those of you who haven't seen it, go see it you're missing out on a hilarious film.

And of course the ever famous "six sexy real photos" of Matt and Trey.

A two hour long 1998 interview

Cannibal! The Musical on DVD For $5.00 when I checked it. (Price subject to change)

So check those out. Don't forget I'm accepting ideas to put up the polls to vote for your desktop theme, so send 'em into I've gotten some ideas already so keep em coming. Cartman does the German Dance Screensaver is coming soon to a PC or MAC near you so stick around for that! That's all I've got to talk aboot!


146 - breayle: May 03, 2001

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I haven't posted anything new in a while. We've been swamped over here at the "That's My Bush" offices taping the last episode in this run of eight. Luckily, Breayle has posted a couple office photos in this section to tide you over. Check it!

Yes, yes, yes. Matt and Trey will be returning to the South Park studios next week, and the first order of business is a writers' meeting and the Live Chat next Thursday. Luckily both Matt and Trey are pretty fast typists.

147 - breayle: May 02, 2001

The best thing about working at South Park, well, besides the ritual bathing of Matt and Trey's feet, is the munchies. Here's our schedule of nosh.

Monday: Bagels with Cream Cheese and Juice

Tuesday: Fresh baked cookies (Thanks Steve)

Wednesday: Fruit and Muffins

Thursday: Nothing but a paycheck. Everyone hits the bank during lunchtime.

Friday: Free Lunch.

148 - breayle: May 04, 2001

The one thing different about working on a studio lot vs. South Park Studios, is the number of celebrities you run into. Sure, South Park gets it's share of Hollywood types (doing voice overs, or just visiting), but nothing compared to the Sony lot.

We've seen Julia Roberts, John Cusack, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tobey MaGuire (dressed in the Spiderman outfit, and sorry, he is NOT looking that buff, and he doesn't know how to throw a football), Willem Dafoe, Jon Bon Jovi (?), Madonna (as well as Mr. Madonna, Guy Ritchie and the kids), Janet Jackson, and N'SYNC (They had these out-of-control security guards wearing black berets and crap), to name just a few.

But the funniest encounter was with Brad Pitt's ex-girlfriend, Gwyneth Paltrow. South Park's technical directors were visiting the set of "That's My Bush" when Joe (Gerges, technical director) spotted a blonde actress leaving the sound stage across from ours. Thinking he was whispering, though actually yelling, Joe blurted out, "Hey, is that Cameron Diaz?" Miramax's golden girl cringed and scowled all the way back to her sizable trailer. Within seconds, security came out of the sound stage and shooed us away. It was pretty awesome, I tell you.

We saw her several times after that, and she was always scowling. Maybe she's still pissed at Matt for looking better in that pink dress than she did.

149 - breayle: May 04, 2001

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd give you all a little bit of a heads up on the live chat we're going to be having on May 10th 2001!
First of all, you all should know that Matt and Trey have NEVER done this before so it's new to them, who knows what could happen!
You'll need to register on Comedy Central's site to be involved in the chat and you can do so by clicking nyaw
Comedy Central will be putting up a chat page on their site on the 10th of May so keep checking back there for more info on what to do in order to log into the chat. That's all for now. Keep checking back for more information regarding this super cool number one event!!


152 - breayle: May 08, 2001

La, la, la. It's moving day here at the "That's My Bush" offices. I'm surrounded by a bunch of white boxes. I came with four, and I'm leaving with nine. That's just wrong.

Matt and Trey's pagoda was renovated while we were gone, so we're all kinda curious to see how that turned out. Apparently the guys will now have a little sleeping area in the back for when they pull the all-nighters. We'll be sure to give it a test run when we get back.

As you may already know, South Park Studios was once an apparel factory (sweat shop), but a lot of architectural work went into the facilities. All in all, a pretty cool place to work, as you can see by the office photos in this section. Except, that is, when we had a little trouble with the air conditioners last year. A very serious situation given the fact that our computers, rack, and Avids have to stay very, very cool. It almost derailed an entire episode. But that's whole other story.

So we bid a fond adieu to the "TMB" offices (formerly home to "Party of Five!"). We'll miss the impersonal metal cubicles with the too high walls, we'll miss the long walks from the parking structure.

Starting from tommorow, Behind the Scenes, will once again be behind the scenes. See you at the chat.

153 - breayle: May 08, 2001

Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you all know that we now have a whopping 10,122 users on! I'm sure we'll get more as soon as the chat launches! For those of you who have been with us since launch HURRAY! For those of you just becoming users WELCOME! Sit down, have a Danish... lunch is free on Fridays.

Some teensy weensy news bits, new episodes of South Park begin Wednesday June 20th 2001 so you'd better watch it. I've heard from a bunch of you guys who really really want to see the new season really really bad so you'd better watch it. I don't want to hear any complaints about those who missed them. Just so you know, I don't know what the new season will be about so you'll have to log on to our live chat on Thursday to ask Matt and Trey yourself! Click here to register for the live chat!

Some new office photos have been posted in the "office photos" section under "behind the scenes" I've also added a shload more season three sounds (over 100) so check those out. Apparently when I was uploading (before we launched) I stuck my crayon too far up my nose again and I pushed off the "logical things to have on a site launch" button and forgot to upload ALL of season three. So now they're there, a public stoning of me will occur 20 minutes after they live chat in an alleyway.

Breayle Webmistress

156 - breayle: May 09, 2001

Back at the farm:

Stopped by Keef's (Bartkus, Editor and Breakbeat DJ) editing room this morning to find him working on a compilation of Kenny deaths freshly recreated with our new animating software, Maya.

The technical directors and animators are still practicing with Maya 3.0. The characters basically look and move the same, but there are some important differences. Some of the steps and shortcuts the animators have gotten used to over time have changed, so things have to be unlearned and learned again the new way.

The writers are in the big conference room as I type this, but I can't eavesdrop because I'm listening to Le Tigre. Sometimes you gotta have priorities.

Storyboard had a great suggestion: "Cute Storyboarder Alert." Hmmm, then again, maybe not.

Matt and Trey's renovated office is pretty effin rad. It looks so "professional." This is relatively speaking, of course. They now have these sliding partitions, so they can either open it all up, or choose to have a little privacy.

Anyway, more later.

157 - breayle: May 09, 2001

So, here I am sitting at my desk at work, flipping through an issue of Streaming Media Magazine (being in the broadcast video business, I get all sorts of interesting mail, and with the online streaming world merging more and more with the broadcast video stuff every day, and the fact that I'm a total web-doof who likes magazines like this because they often times have an article about streaming porn sites, and the obligatory scantily-clad pics of some buxom gal)...

Anyway, near the end of the article (I swear this is about South Park), which is primarily about Lucasfilm's prosecution of a scapegoat who was offering the entire Episode One movie on his website, they had a little sidebar about fan made films, namely Park Wars.

Here's the bulk of what they say about it:

Lucasfilm has trod carefully along the line between tolerating fair use and stamping hard on copyright infringement. In October, filmmaker Ayaz Asif contacted Stephen Sansweet, Lucasfilm director of fan film relations, about Park Wars, a non-commercial fan spoof featuring South Park characters and original audio lifted directly from The Phantom Menace. Sansweet advised against using large amounts of original audio and the film was reduced from 64 minutes to 11. But Lucas himself is reported to have enjoyed the spoof, which comments playfully on the copyright issues resulting from the parody.

So that's basically that... a decent mention of the fun fan film mentioned in a trade magazine which I thought you folks might like. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it, after all, it's got Now You're A Man in it. How cool is that?


160 - breayle: May 10, 2001

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and girls! Monkeys of all ages!

Today is the day of the LIVE chat with Matt Stone and Trey Parker and you can get there by clicking here.
Some of us are already in the chat room so feel free to come on in and hang out with the rest of us until Matt and Trey get here at 5:00 PM (PST) Check above for more times.

You MUST register on Comedy Central in order to participate in this chat, there's still time! Get registered by clicking the link above in the blue box. Hope to see you all there soon and have fun!

163 - breayle: May 11, 2001

Hey kiddies,

Here's something that f-cking rocks! Check it out, this was sent into us by kamiam she's posted on the BBS and hear she's takin requests on makin' more shtuff like this.

Once again I'd like to thank y'all for coming to the chat, now you all know that pie makes Trey wanna vomit. Hope you can take that message on to the rest of the world and maybe, just maybe one day you can tell your own kids about it. Well, I had a really good time and so did Matt and Trey so thanks again, we loved having ya and there's much more cool stuff to come!


164 - breayle: May 11, 2001

South Park parodies all kinds of popular culture: tv, movies, music, art, politics, news, etc... Most of the time it's pretty obvious (e.g. Elian, Florida elections, Star Trek, Behind the Music).

The parody in this week's episode, #410 - "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell," is a little more obscure. There was a relatively low profile movie in 1997 titled "She's So Lovely" starring John Travolta , Sean Penn, and Robin Wright Penn (hmmm, wonder how she got that gig). Check it if you want to compare and contrast.

165 - breayle: May 14, 2001

Yes, South Park has a connection to "Survivor." Well, sort of. Last year (before "Survivor 2: Porky's Revenge" aired), Matt and Trey directed a video for the band Ween (DVDA played with Ween at the Palace in L.A. - where I got a contact high). The song was "Even If You Don't" and it's off the "White Pepper" album.

Anyways, one of the extras was none other than resident beotch, Jerri Manthey. She wore this nude tube dress thingy, and you could totally see her black thong (not that I was looking).

And sorry to disappoint, but she was actually pretty nice, inviting us to the bar she worked at (Circle Bar on Main, in Venice). I ended up checking it out with a couple of friends, but I didn't bother saying hi. I went back a couple months after that and she was gone (filming "Survivor," I suppose).

On another note, a couple of South Park staffers played extras in the Ween video. I won't say whom, to protect the guilty.

166 - breayle: May 13, 2001

Yep, it's Mothers' Day. Hope you remembered to call Mom.

Speaking of mothers - or sisters, rather - Sister Anne (in last week's episode #410 "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell" and this week's #411 "Probably") was voiced by our very own Executive Producer, Anne Garefino.

167 - breayle: May 14, 2001

Hey folks.

First off, I'm not as scatterbrained as you may think I am. My last update was all broken, jumbled and Godfroy-like because the post was too long, and had to be edited on the fly by our lovely webmistress. Part of it got cut out so it could fit, and well, what you saw is what you got... the bulk of it was there though, so you got the general jist.

On to new news.

Ryan Wells dropped this juicy morsel of goodness into my Inbox:

"The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is giving Comedy Central cult hit South Park its own night on May 30. The Academy is hosting "Welcome to South Park," an evening with the animated show's creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Monty Python's Eric Idle will host the event which will take place at ATAS' Leonard H. Goldenson Theater in North Hollywood, Ca."

Sounds pretty damned skippy.

Also if you missed the chat event the other night, head on over to Everybody's (c'mon folks, say it with me) "Favorite piece of feline fecal matter", Catpoo, transcribed the event. Check it out here

And of course, if you have any interesting news, links, or blatant lies, drop me a line.


168 - breayle: May 14, 2001

Hey All,

The Official transcript of the Live Chat that happened on Thursday is now available, you can get it by clicking here

We're going to be making an "exclusives" page soon and that will be where you can get stuff like this from now on. We're also in the works on a Matt and Trey page that will focus on the guys and their other work besides South Park, so keep checking back for that!

Here's one of the funniest speeches ever!
fun loving church chat


169 - breayle: May 15, 2001

Just got the first draft of episode #501. Sweeeet. And so it begins.

Matt and Trey are editing the last episode of the season for "That's My Bush" but they'll be back tommorow for another writers' meeting.

We'll keep you posted.

170 - breayle: May 15, 2001

As I mentioned in the "Behind the Scenes" section, we've received the first draft of episode #501. It's got a title, which I won't divulge at this moment. Matt and Trey have already recorded the lines, and the storyboard department has already begun their work as well. We're going to have another writers' meeting tommorow, so I'm sure we'll get more material shortly afterwards.

In other news, the post department has put together a compilation reel for the Academy event on May 30, comprised of material from the first season all the way to the present. It includes many moments where Matt and Trey's tendency to procrastinate led to some very timely storylines (Elian, Florida elections, etc...)

I was digging through some of my stuff and discovered that I kept all 19 drafts of "A Very Crappy Christmas." Most of them are only a couple pages long. Maybe we'll give it away as a contest prize, or post them as a curiosity. It's pretty interesting to see how an episode evolves over time - what gets cut, what gets added.

Well, that's it for now.

Charles "Butters" Song

171 - breayle: May 15, 2001

Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that we have a couple of lists for you regarding when the releases of DVD/VHS tapes will be, check it out.

Click here for the VHS release list

Click here for the DVD release list

(You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these click the image below)

And we're in the works of our FIRST contest. The prize will be an autographed Timmy doll! So keep checking back here for more information regarding the contest.


174 - breayle: May 15, 2001

South Park has at least two employees who hail from the land up north. Yep, I'm talking aboot Canada. I haven't smoked out the rest, but I'm keeping a close eye on one particular staffer. You know who you are.

Anyways, go to the crew page and try to guess who the Canadian bacon lovers are. We might even make it a contest.

175 - breayle: May 16, 2001

Matt and Eric Stough, along with a couple other South Park employees, will be going to E3 tommorow to check out the games and look for a new game designer for South Park.

If you read Matt and Trey's chat, you would already know that they're both big gamers, and they were both disappointed with the job Acclaim did.

South Park has a heavy duty gaming area in the back of the warehouse where we've had everything from an old school Nintendo 16K and Atari 2600, to a PS2, straight from Japan. Soul Caliber on Dreamcast, Tony Hawk 2 on Playstation, and John Madden on PS2 were the big games last year. We'll see what will emerge in 2001.

177 - breayle: May 16, 2001

Hey Guys,

A tasty little news bite for all of you. Matt and Trey are going to be in the May 28 TV guide feature called "TV risktakers."

They are not interviewed or quoted, but Debbie Liebling is, I'm not sure if there is going to be photo, but I'm sure there will be some kind of South Park image.

178 - breayle: May 16, 2001

Hey Guys,

A tastey little news bite for all of you. Matt and Trey are going to be in the May 28 TV guide feature called "TV risktakers."

They are not interviewed or quoted, but Debbie Liebling is, I'm not sure if there is going to be photo, but i'm sure there will be some kind of south park image.

179 - breayle: May 16, 2001

Hey Guys,

A tasty little news bite for all of you. Matt and Trey are going to be in the May 28 TV guide feature called "TV risktakers."

They are not interviewed or quoted, but Debbie Liebling is, I'm not sure if there is going to be photo, but I'm sure there will be some kind of South Park image.

180 - breayle: May 16, 2001

Hey Guys,

Just to let you all know, I've posted a new poll in the "fans" section. Vote on what desktop theme you think should be made next month! Vote now! It's your right.


183 - breayle: May 16, 2001

Hey All!
SnowCalico found this cool video, Check it out!

184 - breayle: May 17, 2001

I will do the German dance for you!
It's fun and gay and tra la la!
I hope you will enjoy my dance
Hee Hi Fiddle-e-eye Ay!
Would you like some sauerkraut
German Boy, German boy?
Yes I'd like some sauerkraut
Hee Hi Fiddle-e-eye Ay!

Cartman does the German Dance Screensaver now avaliable!

Just check out the downloads section under screensavers, download and follow instructions!
Or if you're the lazy type... you can get 'em by clicking below.

For PC


And Don't forget to vote for the next desktop theme in the Polls section!


187 - breayle: May 17, 2001

It's damn quiet in the Studios today - that's what happens when the Storyboarders aren't around. Everyone's at E3 - except me, that is. (spikey hair/frowny face)

Well, Breayle is going and I'll be meeting with a couple of the guys for dinner tonight, so I'll get y'all the lowdown very, very soon.

A lot of territory was covered in yesterday's writers meeting and a lot of Chinese food was eaten. It sounds like they have some pretty good ideas for the first 3 or 4 episodes. A fan on this site was pretty accurate about one of the ideas that has been kicked around since the second season. It looks like it's finally going to happen.

188 - breayle: May 17, 2001

As someone already mentioned on the BBS, Dian Bachar was on the ABC sitcom "Two Guys and A Girl" last night (sorry, haven't watched it since they got rid of the "Pizza Place"). He played a mailman (!), and another character even made a crack about his stature, or lack thereof. To which Dian responded, "I'm beautiful on the inside." Only to get, "Too bad you weren't born inside out," as a response. Yep, that one's going to leave a mark.

You can also check out Dian in all of Matt and Trey's movies, as the voice of Chris in SP eps #410-411, as well as "Galaxy Quest" (check out the deleted scenes, he's one of the alien engineers) and "Rocky And Bullwinkle," where he was featured in the trailer.

189 - breayle: May 17, 2001

Thanks to a couple well placed bribes, we've picked our NEW employee of the Month.
It was a grueling task but we've decided!
Eric Stough the Director of Animation here at South Park, is also known as "Butters." According to sources he's into blonde girls and loves it when you rub his belly. So check out our new employee of the month in the Behind the Scenes section under cast and crew.

Here is some great work from Eric Stough.

The Revenge of Roadkill Rabbit:

Click to play at 56k Real

Click to play at DSL Real

Click to play at 56k Windows Media

193 - breayle: May 18, 2001

One thing the South Park VHS and DVD lists fail to mention, is the inclusion of the British documentary, "Goin' Down to South Park." Part 1 is on the "Christmas in South Park" VHS, and Part 2 is on the "Best of" VHS. The doc is also included on the "Christmas" DVD.

I'll keep you up to date on future plans for releases. This info was provided by Rob at Comedy Central, who was in Part 2 of "Goin'" showing off the SP merchandise.

194 - breayle: May 18, 2001

Butters was not always known as "Butters." You heard right. Let me explain.

Karin Perrotta (Post Production Supervisor) just reminded me that Butters was originally known as "Puff Puff" when he was just another kid filling out school scenes. In fact, he's still identified as "Puff Puff" in our Power Animator Files - even though he was first identified as Butters in Episode #308 - "Two Guy Naked in a Hot Tub." He's now known as Butters for the purposes of our Maya software.

Oh, and the red-haired girl that some of you folks have been asking about is named... "Red."

195 - breayle: May 18, 2001

Since a couple of you guys have been asking, I found out that the "Fourth Grade" opening will most likely remain the same for the fifth season - though there may be a few tweeks, and Trey may totally change his mind and decide to do a new one.

We cleared the stock footage of the guy flipping through the explosion through the end of this season, so it will most likely change after that. Trey and Eric Stough originally wanted a shot of a car or motorcycle bursting through flames, but the clip we used was the best I could find after calling all over the place on such short notice.

The 3-D character effects were done in house by our early Maya team (Chris, Omar, Joe). And you can blame the mispelling of Kenny's last name on Eric Stough, though it was apparently intentional. Hmmmmm.

196 - breayle: May 18, 2001

Hey guys,
Found this on

Up and coming events:
"Welcome to South Park"


An evening with Matt Stone and Trey Parker, moderated by Monty Python alumnus Eric Idle. At Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Leonard H. Goldenson Theater, North Hollywood.
Click here to read the article

199 - breayle: May 18, 2001

Hey guys,

Something sent in to me by Ray. This is something little but it made me laugh so up it goes! Click me!

Hope you all have a fun weekend!


200 - breayle: May 21, 2001

Just received the second draft to Episode #501.

And if you haven't checked it out yet, Trey wrote the introduction (accompanied by a scary South Park-ish portrait) to "The Mad Bathroom Companion" last year.

201 - breayle: May 21, 2001


In a message from Kristina Baker:
Just wanted to post to you and let you all know aboot the Convention taking place in the fair city of Denver June 15-17. It all started when someone posting in the Comedy Central South Park Digest asked, "When is there gonna be a South Park Converntion?" A bunch of us South Park Addicts are getting together to celebrate our favorite show .... South Park! We are even taking a bus trip to Fairplay and singing SP songs as we go. Goin down to South Park...yea! Gobbles1 Proud Member A Merry Band of Marklars for Timmy (Gobbles) Yahoo SP Digest Clubs MSN SP Digest Sunday Chat and more.....:-)

Check this sh*t out dudes! It outta be a hella good time!

204 - breayle: May 21, 2001

The two geeks in the "Fourth Grade" episode are based on South Park's two System Administrators, Sean Laverty (The blonde one) and J.J. Franzen (The brown-haired one). The similarities, down to Sean pushing up his glasses and J.J.'s wrist guard, are frightening.

The only thing they didn't show is the guys playing "Counter-Strike," and downloading internet porn.

205 - breayle: May 21, 2001

When the boys entered the "Fourth Grade" (thus launching 7 straight episodes to end the season), Comedy Central decided to throw a little party at the Conga Room in L.A., and as Matt would say, "It was more fun than a bucket of Colonel."

The only weird thing (besides finding out that the Comedy Central crew was more hardcore than we'll ever be) was the presence of a bunch of WB stars, desperately looking for other celebrities to relate to. They were pretty nice, even though they didn't exactly talk to any of the South Park crew members.

Trey gave a shout out to Sean and J.J. (see item below) and then he and Matt left the room to go drink. They usually don't stick around for public viewings of South Park.

Anyways, all went well, except the sound at the Conga Room went a little buggy a couple of times. The funny thing is, we usually don't finish episodes until the last minute, and this event was taking place over a week before airdate. Needless to say, after some very untimely technical difficulties, the episode finally made it's way to the event with seconds to spare. It was open bar and the Yankees were playing, so no one seemed to mind. A little work was done on the show afterwards for broadcast, but you probably wouldn't even notice the difference.

206 - breayle: May 21, 2001

I found a some of things on Ebay today and thought some of you might want to check them out.

The South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut script:
click here

The Life of Python:
click here

South Park Bone China Thimbles:
click here

An Old Picture of the REAL South Park Colorado:
click here

I've also stumbled upon a few articles of interest:

New Episodes of South Park Available for Download Throughout the Summer
click here to read the full story

Terry Gilliam's Top Ten animated features
click here to read the full story

And Matt Stone's Birthday is on the 26th!!

Our FIRST ever contest is coming soon so keep coming back for more information!

207 - breayle: May 22, 2001

Pets are a big part of South Park: Cartman has a kitty and a pig, Kyle an elephant, Stan a dog and a spooky fish, and Kenny a stray mutt. Matt and Trey have pets as well. Trey has two cats and Matt has two dogs - one of which seems to have a thing for my left ankle.

Speaking of Spooky Fish, after Episode #215 aired, Trey got two goldfish for the office. Unfortunately, the trauma of being left alone during hiatus a year later was too much for Fish #1. Fish #2 didn't last much longer. They will be missed...eventually.

Beta Classic X