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955 - breayle: August 02, 2002

Our good friend Eric Cartman, has nabbed 10th place in TV Guides 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters of all time. Beating out both Bart and Lisa Simpson. Other great cartoon characters include Beavis and Butt-Head (coming in at number four), and Fat Albert waddles his way into 12th place. still has the polls open so you can make your own votes CLICK HERE

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956 - breayle: August 02, 2002

Our good friend Eric Cartman, has nabbed 10th place in TV Guides 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters of all time. Beating out both Bart and Lisa Simpson. Other great cartroon characters include Beavis and Butt-Head (coming in at number four), and Fat Albert waddles his way into 12th place. still has the polls open so you can make your own votes CLICK HERE

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958 - breayle: August 05, 2002

*!*New Image downloads now available*!*

CLICK HERE to check out Episode 610: "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society" image downloads.

Cartman shoots to number six on TV Guides 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters of all time via the polls. CLICK HERE

If you've got the time, make sure to take a look at this German fansite. They've got a cool section where you can build your own South Park Character. Make a South Park version of you, your friends, or just have fun! CLICK HERE

If you missed the chance to see "Free Hat" it's going to re-air this week on Wednesday @10:00pm only on Comedy Central

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961 - breayle: August 06, 2002

In Monday's edition of the LA Times Science File, an article called "Playing the Name Game" has our dearly departed Kenny's namesake. Sophie Rutschmann of the University of Strasbourg found a mutated gene that causes adult fruit flies to die within two days after they are infected with a certain bacteria. She named the gene Kenny. The Drosophilia Melanogaster or better known as the Fruit Fly has over 26,000 genes that have been identified and most of them have equally as silly names, like the Tribble, which is a gene that divides uncontrollably. Or the Ken and Barbie gene that causes the fruit flies to lack external genitalia, and my favorite the Maggie gene, which arrests development in mutants... this means they don't grow up. Other names include the Tin Man (they don't have hearts) and the Cleopatra. Who knew naming genes would be so fun?


964 - breayle: August 08, 2002

*!*Information on the Season One South Park Re-Release on DVD*!*

On there is information on the extra features that will be added to the re-release of season one. Some of the features include a directors commentary for all thirteen episodes, please CLICK HERE to read all the info.

Trey and Matt are mentioned in "Girlfriends" a popular lesbian magazine. In the annual "Men We Love" tribute, they give thanks to men who help make the world a better place for lesbians. Girlfriends say that Matt and Trey are people they'd love to party with (especially if Big Gay Al is invited) CLICK HERE to read the article.


970 - breayle: August 12, 2002

*!*The cover art for the entire first season of South Park DVD has been released*!*

According to the Season One DVD's extra features will include:

1. Irreverent audio commentary for all thirteen episodes from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
2. Jay Leno's South Park guest appearance as formerly seen only on "The Tonight Show."
3. Music Video: Two classic Christmas music videos that haven't been unwrapped since their original airing in 1997:

* Cartman: "O Holy Night"
* Ned: "O Little Town of Bethlehem"

4. Priceless on-camera intros to all thirteen episodes from Parker and Stone, who are as popular with the fans as their animated characters.
5. The original on-air promos for the show's debut - relive the insanity that made South Park an instant hit.
South Park Season 1 is scheduled for 11-12-2002, and will retail for $39.98


973 - breayle: August 13, 2002

977 - breayle: August 14, 2002


I've just uploaded three new story boards from episode 609: Free Hat check them out. CLICK HERE

Check out the South Park 5th Anniversary Special Sneak Peek
56k | DSL+

Please make sure you have Real Player installed to view this clip, if you don't have real player you can get it by clicking here.

Next week I will put up the second clip previewing the 5th Anniversary Special, more downloads will also be made available.

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981 - breayle: August 16, 2002


All new images for Episode 611: "Child Abduction is Not Funny" are now available in the downloads section. You can check them out now by clicking NYAW. (New images begin at the bottom of the page)


Since DALnet is being an evil monster we've temporarily moved the chatroom over to the server. To connect just click the "options" button in your IRC program and change to Once your connected just type /join #SPS_Chat (SPSChat was already taken by the Swiss)

Hope you all have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Monday.


988 - breayle: August 20, 2002

"Precious Moments: Five Years Of South Park Memories"
Saturday, August 31st At 9:00 P.M.

From gay dogs to the loss of a dear friend, the South Park boys have seen it all and to commemorate these special times, Comedy Central presents "Precious Moments: Five Years of South Park Memories" -- a six-episode marathon highlighting some of the fourth graders' fondest, most life-changing experiences. "Precious Moments" premieres Saturday, August 31, beginning at 9:00 p.m. on Comedy Central

The following episodes are featured during "Precious Moments: Five Years of South Park Memories": Saturday, August 31

* "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride" - Big Gal Al, Stan and Sparky (voiced by George Clooney) learn the value of friendship and Sparky shows his true colors. 9 p.m.
* "Chickenlover" - When Officer Barbrady goes back to the third grade to learn to read, he deputizes Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny to help solve the "chicken lover" crime. 9:30 p.m.
* "Are You There God, It's Me, Jesus" - In this groundbreaking episode, Cartman gets his period. 10 p.m.
* "Scott Tenorman Must Die" - Cartman is elated when he's the first kid in the fourth grade to get pubes. Radiohead guest stars. 10:30 p.m.
* "Proper Condom Use" - The boys and girls of South Park learn about sex education in school. 11 p.m.
* "Kenny Dies" - This time, it's for keeps when the boys lose one of their best friends. 11:30 p.m.

Also, don't forget to check out the 2nd teaser clip of the 5th Anniversary Special

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991 - breayle: August 21, 2002

*!*New sound downloads for episode 609: Free Hat are now available*!*

New Sound Downloads click here

South Park called one of the worst Television Cable Show of the 2001/2002 Season by

Once again South Park has made it onto another list published by a community of concerned parents. Now although has named South Park number three on the "worst" cable shows, the list does not reflect the quality of each series, but rather its suitability for families. So they might think it's funny, they just don't think it's cool for little kids but we already knew that. Click here to read whole article

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VOTE is having a pretty sweet deal on the assface dolls. Get ten whole samolians off when ordering both the Kenny milk carton doll and the Thomson's dolls. Check it out! Click here for the details of the deal.
Thompson's Set, Assfaced Kenny

994 - breayle: August 22, 2002

Through out the month of September, Comedy Central will be showing two of the Most Wanted Episodes a week and you, the viewer gets to choose what episodes will air! South Park's Most wanted lets you be judge and jury, and we need your help to convict two episodes a week for their crimes against humanity.

More information about South Park's Most Wanted is located in the "contests" section of the site.

998 - breayle: August 27, 2002

Hey everyone, heres a nice big dose of shwag... click away!

South Park Chonies
The Original Four Boys
Angel Kenny

Mr. Hankey (gives a whole new meaning to squeezing the sh*t outta something!

Kenny Cookie Jar Oh my God! They've shoved cookies into Kenny! You bastards!

The Four Boys Plushies

In the September 2002 issue 'Maxim - Blender' Magazine spsmartguy found an article that lists the top 50 Greatest Musical Movie moments and coming in at #19:

19 - Terrance and Phillip, "Uncle Fucka" South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999)

The South Park gang sneaks into the R-rated Asses of Fire, the film debut of Canuck TV stars Terrance and Phillip. Older spectators are scandalized by its ecstatic opening musical number, the toe-tapping, expletive-laden "Uncle Fucka." Worse for them is the breakdown, a farting duet that gives new meaning to scat singing. The kids' verdict? "Dude, that movie was f*cking sweet!"


1001 - breayle: August 28, 2002

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1004 - breayle: August 29, 2002

Well, well, well.

Looks like Russell Crowe in all his buff and burly manliness got his ass whooped! Who kicked the Gladiators bum you ask? Was it another testosterone filled fellow actor? Oh no, nothing that dignified! According to our Beautiful Mind got his butt whooped by that fellow actors girlfriend, who that fellow actor is and what his beefy girlfriends name is unknown. You can click here to read about how Russell was put in his place.

Hackers with a sense of humor?

If you think about it, hackers have got to have a sense of humor in order to break down the mainframe and all. As reports the RIAA site, which was the organization that became infamous to millions of internet CD burning geeks after filing an injunction against the popular free music-swapping program, Napster. Got it's site defaced by a few South Park loving Napster defending hackers. So for all you old Napster fans, here's just a tiny teaspoon of sweet revenge. Click here to read the whole article. Hacked RIAA site screenshot

Special thanks to the girls over DTISFU for those links.

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1007 - breayle: August 30, 2002

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Michael Jackson (AKA Wacko Jacko) got a little confused on MTV's Video Music Awards last night when Britney Spears handed him a birthday present. The drudge report has more. Click here to read about Jacko's embarrassing night.

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