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666 - breayle: March 01, 2002

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are going to attend the Friars Club Roast of Radio Talk Show Host Larry Elder on March 15, 2002.
Click here to read the article.

The Freedom in the Arts 2002 festival began on the 27th, Matt and Trey are supposed to be attending.
To read more click here. The piece on them is the 6th paragraph down.

"How's Your News?" to be on CINEMAX Reel Life Documentary Read all about it

669 - breayle: March 01, 2002

New Intro Pictures

A new episode airs THIS WEDNESDAY! So don't forget to call your friend and have a South Park Season Six Premiere party... make sure to serve then punch and pie because more people will come if you have punch and pie!


Send us your poll ideas! We'd like to hear from you, what do you guys think our next Poll should be? CLICK HERE to let us know!

More information on Monday about the new season.

Have a great weekend!


672 - breayle: March 04, 2002


Wednesday Comedy Central will be airing the premire Episode 602 "Jarred Has Aides" at 10:00pm only on Comedy Central.

Part I: There are a variety of reasons why certain episodes air out of order. Some times they're extremely complicated and require extra time, like #405 "Pip" which aired after #414. Everything in "Pip" had to be built from scratch, including the new mouths with rotted out teeth that were used for most of the characters. Since Trey and Matt were looking for an entirely new look for Pip's England (in the same way that Terrance and Phillip's Canada had its own, unique look), everything had to go through a laborious approval process. In addition, "Pip" had live action sequences with the actor Malcolm McDowell, which involved casting, scheduling, additional planning, and post-production. These things take time, something we didn't have that summer. South Park had a run of consecutive episodes ending with #411 "Probably," and a hiatus for cast and crew. When a new run of episodes, "The Fourth Grade," began in September, there was time to finish the remainder of work on "Pip" in between the new episodes.

Special effects are another reason why certain episodes are delayed, like #310 "Chinpokomon" (which aired after #312) and #311 "Starvin' Marvin in Space" (which aired after #313). Other times holiday scheduling is a factor, as when #110 "Mr. Hankey, The Christmas Poo" delayed #108 "Damien" from airing for several months. #312 "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery" is a unique example where work on the episode began near the beginning of the season, but wasn't given an episode number because of it's late air date (Halloween). And lastly, certain episodes include the participation of special guest stars, as with #501 and Radiohead, whose busy schedules require careful planning.

675 - breayle: March 04, 2002


Why the FUDGE is Butters as fat as Cartman!? Who knows!? You will once you watch this weeks Episode of South Park!

678 - breayle: March 04, 2002

Here's a question from the FAQ files that I thought you might be interested in.

QUESTION: Can you tell me if the Thursday (repeat) episodes will still air?

ANSWER: The additional repeated episodes that Comedy Central have been showing on Thursdays will take a break during our run of six consecutive new episodes starting this Wednesday. They will resume on Thursday, April 11 with Episode #111 "Tom's Rhinoplasty."

In exchange, the first six episodes of the Sixth Season will be followed by reruns from the Fifth Season. Yep. That's one whole hour of South Park. Can you handle it?


679 - breayle: March 05, 2002

Here's another question from our FAQ page:

QUESTION: Do Trey and Matt listen to Tenacious D?

ANSWER: Yes. In fact, they were asked to direct the video for the D's song, "F*** Her Gently," but they were too busy finishing up their work with "That's My Bush." I think they got the creator of Ren and Stimpy to direct instead.


680 - breayle: March 05, 2002

More, from the 3 dot lounge...

For some reason, several people are really interested in this one tertiary character, so: Cousin Skeeter returns with a couple of lines in our Season Premiere, "Jarred Has Aides"...

There will also be a vocal cameo from a pair of beloved South Park characters of old, so tune in for that as well...

At least two new DVDs/VHSs will be released this year. Breayle will post that info on the main page...

I answered a bunch of FAQs, so check it! Thanks to those who corrected my on the Saddam one. My memory of eps that I didn't work on isn't that great, I'll admit...

Eric Stough, our Director of Animation, promises that there will be Visitors in Wednesday's episode, so keep your eyes peeled...


681 - breayle: March 05, 2002

*!* More information on the Hand Painted/Autographed South Park Hockey Sticks*!*

Los Angeles Kings and Cedar Sinai Hostpital Presents

Chicks and Sticks - A Celebration of Life

The L.A. Kings and Cedar Sinai Hospital have partnered to celebrate Cancer Survivors Day on March 23, 2002 at the L.A. Kings game vs. San Jose Sharks.

Local businesses supported the event by purchasing tickets to be donated to cancer survivors. In addition, local artists and celebrities contributed by designing hockey sticks to be auctioned off during the game.

Autographed by Matt and Trey

For more information on purchasing tickets to the event or to purchase tickets for Cancer Survivors please call Nick Shafer at 213-742-7191

Both Hockey Stick are Autographed by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, stick hand painted by Eric Stough and Tom Vogt.


684 - breayle: March 05, 2002

*!*New DVD Compilation Information*!*

June 4 "Insult to Injury" DVD/VHS

(one episode is not on the VHS version of this set)

Episode 502 "It Hits the Fan"
Episode 503 "Cripple Fight"
Episode 501 "Scott Tenorman Must Die"
Episode 507 "Proper Condom Use"

September 3rd "Ghouls, Ghosts, and Underpants Gnomes" DVD/VHS

(Trapper Keeper is left off the VHS)

Episode 312 "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery"
Episode 215 "Spooky Fish"
Episode 217 "Gnomes"
Episode 413 "Trapper Keeper"

Now we're not sure which episode of the "Insult to Injury" compilation is left off the DVD once we find out we'll post it!

There will be no introductions by Matt and Trey on these.


687 - breayle: March 06, 2002

Eric Stough is so the man!

What did I see on my desk when I walked in today (Well, besides the homemade fudge Breayle brought in yesterday)? Anyone? Five, yes count 'em, FIVE screen shots from tonight's episode.

And what's so interesting about those FIVE screen shots you may ask? Well, dammit, I'll tell you. VISITORS! Yep, yep, yep, there are five "visits" in "Jarred Has Aides," so crack out the freeze frame advance on your Tivos and go at it.

Two of them are pretty hard to spot.


688 - breayle: March 06, 2002


We will be making the new Season Six Intro available for download for ONE DAY ONLY!
Check here tomorrow to download the new intro!

691 - breayle: March 07, 2002


Matt and Trey as well as some other members of the South Park staff are going to be competing in a Celebrity Dodgeball Tournament here in Los Angeles.

The event is to take place this Saturday March 9th, 2002
From 7:00pm to 1:00am
At 6711 Forest Lawn Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068

The first annual CELEBRITY DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT will take place on the professional center court at the Sports Center and Toluca Lake Tennis Club.

***This event is sold out***

The Players for team South Park are Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Keef Bartkus (editor), Jack Shih (animator), and Eric Stough (Director of Animation).



I've been having some technical difficulties on getting the new intro up so please be patient with me I'm working on the problem.


694 - breayle: March 08, 2002



When the boys travel to Aspen and hit the slopes for the first time, Stan has a run in with one of the locals and is challenged to a race.


For a short time the Season Six Open Video Clip has been given to Zuzu44 in the chatroom, and if you have an IRC client you can download it from her, but you HAVE to have the IRC client, you CANNOT download the clip if you are chatting in java. Please go to (for PC) and (for MAC) download the client connect to a random DALnet server and type /join #spschat ask anyone with a @ or a + by they're nicknames and someone will be sure to help.


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697 - breayle: March 11, 2002

*!*Teaser Image for Episode 603 Asspen*!*

Episode 603


When the boys travel to Aspen and hit the slopes for the first time, Stan has a run in with one of the locals and is challenged to a race.


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For a short time we will have the new Season Six Intro available only in the chatroom, keep in mind you cannot download the new intro if you are using the JAVA client. That means if you're getting into the chatroom by clicking on a link on this site you CANNOT download the new intro. Please go to (for PC) and (for MAC) download the client, and politely ask someone with a + or a @ by their nickname and they should be able to help.

More tomorrow!


700 - breayle: March 08, 2002

Fun Facts, from our new opening...

The animation desk we used to film the live-action construction paper sequences was the same one (of many) that was used for the 1982 cinematic classic, Tron. When I was a kid, my friends and I invented our own version of the "Discs of Tron" game, using frisbees and a four square court. Alas, the game was a short-lived one. We soon learned that it ain't fun to get hit in the head with a hard plastic tray - repeatedly.

I'm still waiting for Tron: The Musical. Or maybe that's my concussion speaking.

A couple of you have also mentioned the new version of our theme song. Did I hear banjos?

Yep, that's what we country folk call Blue Grass. You know, like the Grammy Award winning O' Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack from the Cohen Brothers' pic. Anyways, our audio producer, Bruce Howell, brought in a four piece Blue Grass band to kick out the jams just days before our Season Premiere. Good thing 'cause we were in a tight spot.

Charles "Dapper Dan" Song

701 - breayle: March 12, 2002

Here's a more detailed description of tomorrow night's episode!

The grand vacation begins when the boy's parents are offered a free ski trip to Aspen, but of course, there's a catch: they have to attend one meeting about time-share opportunities. Meanwhile on the slopes, Stan has a run in with one of the locals and is challenged to race the best skier on the mountain.


Last Saturday South Park Studios sent over a couple of Dodgeball players for the Celebrity Dodgeball Tournament on March 9th 2002. Unfortunately Team South Park lost in the second round! Check out the Celebrity Dodgeball Site

Downloads for Episode 602 "Jared has Aides" Coming Soon!!


704 - breayle: March 11, 2002

There's a feature on Isaac "Chef" Hayes in the March 2002 issue of Stuff Magazine (Sheryl Crow's butt is on the cover). Apparently it's a monthly feature called "Great American Heroes" (Isaac is number 26), and you'll find it on page 62 (just in case you want to scam a quick read at 7-11). It's mostly a bio piece (with a few small photos and a cartoon), but if you're low on the know regarding the Man behind Shaft... Check it!

Charles "Supafly" Song

705 - breayle: March 12, 2002

Hooters Girls... open bar... David Arquette... My 30th birthday, you ask? Unfortunately, no. It was last Saturday's Celebrity Dodge Ball tournament held at the Toluca Lake Tennis Club.

A few members of our South Park crew, including Matt and Trey, took a short break from the #603 production grind to take part in this most worthy charity event (benefiting the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation). As you know, South Park is no stranger to dodge ball, as evidenced by Episode #205 -"Conjoined Fetus Lady" - where Pip leads the South Park Cows to the International Dodge Ball Championship against China.

Team SP came ready to play in matching fly white Adidas track suits and black South Park T-shirts. Sadly, our boys fell victim to a scandalous agreement between the Russian and French judges and were eliminated from the "open" competition.

Stay tuned for Part 2...


706 - breayle: March 13, 2002

Part 2 of the Celebrity Dodge Ball update...

In the celebrity portion of the event, Matt and Trey were placed on a team with Seth Green (Scott Evil from Austin Powers), some dude from MTV, and a bald guy (sorry, I'm getting the lowdown from Karin Perrotta - it's like playing Telephone). Their temporary nemesi were the three guys from Sorority Boys (Harland Williams (Rocket Man, dude), Barry Watson (the oldest son in "7th Heaven"), and Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor in "Smallville")), Zachary Ty Bryan (the oldest son in "Home Improvement") and Brendan Fraser (The Mummy Part 2: Electric Boogaloo).

It was down to Matt and Trey fighting for the righteous and downtrodden and Harland Williams representing all that is evil. Things were looking good until Harland started channeling the uncanny dodge ball stylings of Pip and knocked out our boys.

Bummer, dude...

Nevertheless, it was all for a good cause, nobody got hurt and everyone had fun. That is all... Oh, and boycott Sorority Boys.


707 - breayle: March 13, 2002


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New downloads will be coming shortly so please be patient! Thanks!

Looking for the SEASON SIX INTRO? Check out Official Chatroom and download it from one of our regular chatters or a channel operator. Please make sure you are on an IRC client not using the java chat on this site if you want to just download the intro.

Check out the Behind the Scenes Section! Charles has posted a new article or two!


710 - breayle: March 14, 2002

Damn! Scott Baio's at it again. Go buy stock in topical cream.


714 - breayle: March 15, 2002

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Towelie plushies will not be available at the Comedy Central online store until late April or so. I guess he just wandered off again. That nut.

But don't fret. Our favorite little stoner is currently available at such places as Spencers, Musicland, Hot Topic, Aahs, Sun Coast, etc...


715 - breayle: March 15, 2002

*!*Episode 601 News*!*

Butters hits the talk show circuit in "Freak Strike" on a brand new episode of South Park!

The kids learn that Talk Shows offer special assistance to grossly disfigured people who appear on their show. They immediatly sign Butters up as a guest with a a strange deformity. With the help of some strategic physical enhancement, Butters is sure to beat out all the other freaks and win a prize. However, when there isn't enough of Butters' prize to go around Cartman makes a bid for his own guest spot with Maury when he talks him mom into joining him on the segment entitled, "Please Help My Out of Control Child"

Matt Stone also answered ten questions with ESPN, he talks about Kenny and if he really IS dead... click here to check it out!

718 - breayle: March 18, 2002

Check out Team South Park for the Celebrity Dodgeball Tournaments held not to long ago.

From Left to Right:

Matt Stone, Eric Stough, Jack Shih, Trey Parker, and Keef Bartkus

Matt Stone is quoted in an LA Times Article about his opinion on some parents and school officials that are trying to ban Dodge Ball in schools.

Click Here to read

Due to circumstances beyond their control Comedy Central's store will not be selling the Towelie Talking Plush Dolls through the Comedy Central Store un till late April or so. I'm gonna have to agree with Charles on this one, I think he got a little too high and wandered off AGAIN! Towelie plushes however are currently available at such places Spencer's Gifts, Musicland, Hot Topic, Aahs, and Sun Coast.

Most of these stores can be found at your local Shopping Mall or online!


721 - breayle: March 19, 2002

Butters hits the talk show circuit in Episode 601: Freak Strike on a brand new episode of South Park!

The kids learn that Talk Shows offer special assistance to grossly disfigured people who appear on their show. They immediatly sign Butters up as a guest with a a strange deformity. With the help of some strategic physical enhancement, Butters is sure to beat out all the other freaks and win a prize. However, when there isn't enough of Butters' prize to go around Cartman makes a bid for his own guest spot with Maury when he talks him mom into joining him on the segment entitled, "Please Help My Out of Control Child"

724 - breayle: March 19, 2002

A clip from episode 601 "Freak Strike" of Cartman on the Maury Show will be airing tomorrow on Good Day LA on FOX between the hours of 7:45am-8:45am

If you get a chance to check it out, it's a great sneak peek for tomorrow's episode!


A new poll has been added to the polls section! CLICK HERE to cast your vote!


A new Employee of the Month has been chosen! Congratulations to Chris Romano for forking over the tree fiddy to bribe me into making him employee of the month! CLICK HERE to see Chris's page!


727 - breayle: March 19, 2002


Isaac Hayes finally got his props when he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (located in fabulous Cleveland, Ohio) last night. Read all about it right here.

VH1 will be airing a tape of the ceremony on Wednesday at 9 p.m./8 p.m. Central, so check it!

In other news...

If you live in the Los Angeles area (no, this is not an invitation to appear on Blind Date) and don't have a long commute (or a job), you can get a sneak peek at a clip from "Freak Strike" on Good Day L.A., which airs on the Fox Network (Channel 11 for most of youse) from 7-9 a.m. It will probably air in the 8 o'clock hour after numerous teases, so set the Tivo on stun.

Charles "Wha-EVA!" Song

728 - breayle: March 20, 2002


Hey Everyone! I just uploaded episode 602 downloads today:


Download the NEW Season Six South Park Intro (Quicktime 3.5 MB) CLICK HERE!

Don't forget to watch tonights NEW episode of South Park @ 10:00pm!


731 - breayle: March 25, 2002


The boys end up kidnapping twenty one baby calves to save them from becoming sweet juicy steaks in "Fun With Veal." Stan is appalled when he realizes the veal he's been eating is, in fact, the meat from precious little baby calves. He and the boys save the soon-to-be slaughtered calves by kidnapping them from the farm and hiding them in Stan's bedroom. When the police show up, the boys refuse to give up the animals and a standoff ensues. Cartman steps up to the megaphone and assumes the role of negotiator

More news later today! So check back!


734 - breayle: March 22, 2002

Another question from the FAQ section...

Question: Will there be any guest stars in Season Six?

Answer: Not in this first run of six, unless you count Hall o' Famer Isaac Hayes. However, there may be a few celebrity guests in the two upcoming runs (Summer and Winter) of Season Six.

Celebrity voices usually require a great deal of lead time, so they're often delayed (like Korn in #312 and Radiohead in #501) or they lead off the season or run (like Jennifer Aniston in #301).

Since we're basically doing an episode a week, for the next three weeks, chances are we won't have time to squeeze in a celebrity (unless it's a random guest spot with a line or two).

We'll keep you posted.


738 - breayle: March 26, 2002


Hey Everyone! I just uploaded new images for episode 601 "Freak Strike" and episode 602 "ASSpen." Sounds for "Freak Strike" will be available for upload later. CLICK HERE


Charles and I just went into the FAQ's section and answered a few more of your questions. CLICK HERE to see the new ones!

Looks as if the two Hand Painted South Park Hockey Stick raised $1,000 each to benefit the Cedar Sinai Hospital Cancer Ward. Congratulations!


741 - breayle: March 29, 2002


The new Terrance and Phillip movie is coming out and the boys can't wait to see it!

Excited to catch a first look of the new Terrance and Phillip movie, the boys make like Cartman and sit their butts in front of the TV to catch the trailer during a commercial break on the long running series, "Russell Crowe: Fighting Around the World."

744 - breayle: March 29, 2002

Hey Everyone,

Episode 605 "Fun With Veal" Downloads now available!


Storyboards for 605 will be available early next week

That's all for now! Have a great weekend!

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