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1203 - breayle: January 06, 2003

Part Four
Download the first ten minutes of the "Big Gay Al's, Big Gay Boatride" directors commentary, click here. Don't forget to use Winamp or Windows Media Player because RealOne tends to cut off the last few seconds. For those of you who have already bought the DVD but haven't found out how to send in for it. Just tear out those little proofs of purchase from inside the DVD cover, and print out the Comedy Central form. To get to the mail order form click here. You MUST have Adobe Acrobat to use/print out this file. Please go to if you need to download the reader.

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New Image Downloads

"My Future Self n' Me" image downloads are now available, DOWNLOAD NOW!

1207 - breayle: January 08, 2003

New Downloads

"My Future Self n' Me" sound downloads are now available! CLICK HERE to go directly to them or click on "Downloads"

FAQ's Answered
New FAQ's have been answered in the "show" section. Please read all the FAQ's before posting a question, most of you aren't getting your questions picked because the answer has been posted many times. So please check them over, and posting a question that askes "Why didn't my question get posted" won't help either, we can't remember what your last question was so how can we answer that? If you post a question repeatedly it will more then likley get deleted , FAQ's are questions frequently asked by EVERYONE not just one guy with a knowledge of cut and paste and a little extra time on his hands!

Trivia Shmivia?
Send us your South Park Trivia questions! Our official South Park trivia room has been up and running for a few momths now and the bot needs to get updated with new season trivia. If you think you've got some great South Park trivia send the questions (and answers) to

1215 - breayle: January 15, 2003

New video downloads
Episode 616: My Future Self n' Me videos now available for download, click here.

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1219 - breayle: January 22, 2003

New FAQ's have been answered

1223 - breayle: January 23, 2003

South Park Season Seven
The first part of Season Seven will premiere on March 19th 2003, with seven new episodes. We still don't have a title or have any idea what season seven has in store for us. We'll post more news when we get it.

Season One Commentary Clip

Death MP3 Format

1227 - breayle: January 27, 2003

Season One Commentary Clip
Pink Eye
(MP3 Format)

Create Your Own South Park Character

Create Your Own Character! Now you can create your very own South Park Character right here at! Special thanks to Jamina (AKA ZiB/Zwer-im-Bikini) for creating this awesome game!

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