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1383 - breayle: May 01, 2003

Okay, who the fudge is Alex Glick?
Just to clear things up, Alex Glick was not the winner of a contest. A few months ago, Elton John held a benefit for AIDS. During this event, Matt and Trey auctioned off a "guest voice" spot to raise money for AIDS research. thanks Alex for his gracious donation!

Season Seven Continues in October
The first leg of the Seventh Season has come to an end. A new episode of South Park will air October 22nd, with seven new episodes following. There will be no new Thanksgiving Special this year, and there is no information on whether there will be a Halloween, or a Christmas Special.

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1387 - breayle: May 02, 2003

New Downloads Available
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New Faq's
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1395 - breayle: May 12, 2003

FAQs Section Updated
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Sound Downloads for "Lil' Crime Stoppers" now available
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1399 - breayle: May 16, 2003

Lil' Crime Stopper Video's Now available

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1403 - breayle: May 19, 2003

The Simpsons Strike Back
In last night's finale, called "The Bart of War." A parody of South Park was on the TV Bart and Milhouse were watching. Here's what happened.

Bart and Milhouse are watching South Park. The South Park characters are drawn in Simpsons style.
Milhouse: "I hear those kids' voices are done by grownups."
Bart: "Hey, there's nothing wrong with that. I just wonder how they keep it so fresh after 43 episodes."

In the next scene it shows the South Park boys are at the South Park Forum.

Stan: "I can't believe we paid to see a band with Steve Gutenberg, Callista Flockhart, and Farty the Crippled Robot!"
Farty (on stage, playing a guitar): "look who's in my fart. O.J." Farty farts and OJ appears in the brown cloud.
O.J.: "I'm gonna kill you all." He destroys Farty, then goes after the band, cutting their heads off.
Bart and Milhouse dance around: "Cartoon Violence! Cartoon Violence!"
Then O.J. has Cartman's head on his knife and says, "Now I'm going to find the real killer."
After that, Marge comes in and changes the channel to PAX TV, to a show called "Good heavens." After a few seconds, Bart and Milhouse run out of the house screaming.

Special thanks to Big-Will for all the info!
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