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2238 - halpinm: December 21, 2004

[font size=large]Welcome to South Park Studios V2![/font]
Welcome to the new and highly improved version of the official South Park Studios website! We've redesigned the website with a comic-book/manga look and added more south park flair
and animation. But of course, that's not all -- we've made changes elsewhere on the site, and we've incorporated a number of feature requests. For example, you can now comment on news posts if you're logged in.

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Woodland Critter Media
Everyone loves the cute little animals, so just in time for the holidays, we've got video and storyboards for episode 814. Check it out!

More FAQs!
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2239 - halpinm: December 27, 2004

[font size=large]South Park Marathon[/font]
Did you miss any of the second half of season eight? If so, now is your chance to make it up! Comedy Central will replay the last seven episodes this Wednesday, beginning with "Douche & Turd" at 9:30pm EST.

And if that wasn't enough, Comedy Central will be playing more South Park on New Year's eve beginning at 10pm, so you can welcome 2005 with the residents of everyone's favorite little mountain town!
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