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2356 - halpinm: April 04, 2005

Episode 905: "The Losing Edge"
If the boys can lose just one baseball game, it gets them out of playing the boring sport for the entire summer.

Bringing you the inside scoop. What song did Token sing? How did Matt and Trey find out about Wing? The answers to these questions, and more, can be yours. Click here.

2357 - halpinm: April 04, 2005

Episode 905 Press Release
A winning season and overzealous parents threaten to ruin the entire summer, when the boys of South Park head to the State Championship in an all new episode of South Park entitled "The Losing Edge," premiering Wednesday, April 6 at 10:00 p.m. on Comedy Central.

The kids desperately want an end to the boring baseball season. The problem is they've won so many games that now they're in the playoffs. Just one loss would mean the season's finished and the''d be free from America's favorite pastime for the entire summer.

2358 - halpinm: April 05, 2005

Chat with Matt Stone!
Join us tomorrow (April 5th) for a live chat with Matt Stone. He'll be there from approximately 5pm to 6pm Pacific Time. (That's Pacific time, so add one hour if you're in Mountain Time, two for Central, and three for Eastern.)

Ever wonder what the folks here at South Park Studios do to keep everybody happy when they're working long hours to bring you the next awesome episode? Some companies have a softball team, but here at South Park Studios we play a little game called Cashgrab. Here's it works: Trey draws a name out of a box and that person gets 21 seconds in a plexiglas box to grab all of the swirling cash they can while music blares, strobe lights flash and the rest of the staff yells "Hurry Up!".

We've got some pictures of this fun game in our Office Photos section (click here!)

The Losing Edge Preview Clip
Guess who's baaacck? Click here and don't forget to tune in Wednesday night!

2359 - halpinm: April 05, 2005

Chat with Matt Stone TODAY
Join us today at 5pm Pacific Time (that's 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern) and talk to Matt Stone in the South Park chatroom (click here). This event will last for about an hour, as Matt is quite busy working on this week's awesome new episode!

Here's how it will work: Matt will be in #spsevent, however due to the large number of users, only the questions relayed by the moderators and his responses are allowed here. To ask a question, send a question to ChatBot starting with !ask, like this:
!ask When is Lemmiwinks coming back?

A computer will be keeping track of all questions asked, so please do not re-ask your question within a short period of time, or else we will most definately not select it. Finally, due to the nature of the chat, Matt Stone will not be able to receive any private messages sent to him; they will be sent to the moderators instead.

During the event, #sps will still be open for general chat.

To access the South Park Studios chatroom, click here. (You may receive a security warning, which you will need to answer "yes" to in order to use the applet). Alternatively, Windows users can use mIRC (click here) and Mac OS X users can use MiCE IRC (click here). The server is port 6667

Rare South Park Items on E-Bay!
Jason McHugh is auctioning a set of 3-foot stand ups of the four boys (click here!) as well as several rare South Park T-shirts:
"The Many Deaths of Kenny" (click here!)
"Cartoons Kick Ass" (click here!)
"Tree Hugging Hippie" (click here!)
and a thermal Wendy and Stan shirt. (click here!)

These items are, of course, in good condition (the shirts are NEW) and pretty rare, so check them out!

2360 - halpinm: April 07, 2005

Episode 904 Images & Sounds
We've got some lovely images and sounds from episode 904 (click here). Check them out; maybe you can get to level 60 and get your own golden Keanu Reeves statue!
[font size=small](Sorry, images of the final apocalyptic battle between Heaven and Hell not included.)[/font]

New Episode tonight
See "The Losing Edge", an all-new South Park episode, tonight on Comedy Central!

2361 - halpinm: April 07, 2005

Transcript of Matt's Chat
(or 60 Questions with Matt Stone)

Matt Stone is a man who is well-endowed and not afraid to admit his own mistakes. He's not planning BLU or another movie, but he says we may one day see the second coming of Jesus and Lemmiwinks. There have been scheduling changes, but, hey, sounds like Mr. Slave isn't going anywhere. Transcript available by clicking here.

"Best Friends Forever" Video
We've found the last page of Kenny's Will! It's here in our Episode 904 downloads (click here).

2362 - halpinm: April 08, 2005

South Park Studios Employee of the Month
April 2005

Congratulations to Kyle McCulloch, South Park Studios Writer and Employee of the Month!

We sat down with Kyle and asked him a few questions: click here and see what he had to say.

2364 - halpinm: April 11, 2005

From this week's press release:
Butters sees a ghost in an all new episode of "South Park".

Butters is freaked out when he thinks he can communicate with the dead in an all-new episode of "South Park," entitled "The Death Of Eric Cartman," premiering Wednesday, April 13 at 10:00 p.m. on Comedy Central.

Although his parents have made it clear to him there are no such things as ghosts, Butters is sure one is haunting him. Butters knows he has to give up his ghost pal or be put into a mental institution.

2365 - halpinm: April 12, 2005

Episode 905 Images
We've got fourteen nice, high-quality images for you from last week's episode of South Park. Click here, never doubt that you're the one, and you can have your dream.

Episode 905 Video Clips
"Arresting me for what? I thought this was America!"
"Because I'm scared, ALRIGHT!"
See this and other shocking incidents over in our video downloads (click here).

South Park in the UK
Here's a reminder to our fans in Britain: Paramount Comedy (click here) is now airing South Park on the weekends, so if you've been wanting to catch recent South Park episodes, now you can! This weekend they're playing "You Got F'ed in the A", "AWESOM-O", "The Jeffersons", and Goobacks, so tune in!

2366 - halpinm: April 13, 2005

Tonight on South Park: "The Death of Eric Cartman"
This week on South Park, Cartman is dead and Butters seems to be the only one who can communicate with him!

Click here and here to see Cartman realize his sad predicament, and don't forget to tune in to see this all new episode tonight on Comedy Central.

2367 - halpinm: April 17, 2005

Episode 906 Sounds
Listen to these wonderful sounds and your soul can finally be at peace, too. Click here.

Arturo's New Album
Los Garbanzos of Costa Rica appeared in the newspaper La Nacion promoting their new album "Algo en la vida..." Arturo, drums and Chef fan, worked as Art Director for the redesign.
Check out Los Garbanzos by clicking here.

Didn't see "The Death of Eric Cartman"?
Did you miss the Death of Eric Cartman? Fear not, for Comedy Central will show it again this Sunday evening.

2368 - halpinm: April 18, 2005

Episode 907 Press Release:
Jimmy gets a Boner

Jimmy has to figure out a way to pull himself together before the big talent show in an all-new episode of "South Park" entitled "Erection Day," premiering Wednesday, April 20 at 10:00 p.m. on Comedy Central.

All the kids are getting ready for the big South Park Elementary Talent Show and Jimmy can't wait to perform his new comedy routines. But lately, just like generations of little boys before him, Jimmy's noticed that one of his body parts has a mind of its own. Knowing he can't get up in front of the entire school in an excited state, Jimmy must find a way to gain control of his raging hormones in time to perform in the show.

Episode 906 Videos
Who knew Cartman could sing? Click here and watch that and other video clips again and again. 'Cause we're gonna make it, make it right. Take a little time and set things straight.

2369 - halpinm: April 20, 2005

"Erection Day" Preview Clip
Click here for a preview of this week's all new episode, and be sure to tune in tonight!

2370 - halpinm: April 22, 2005

Well, folks, that's it for this run. New episodes will resume in a few months.

Another Trivia Game!
Next Wednesday (tentatively 5pm PST, 8pm EST) come join us in the South Park chat room for another game for Trivia! This week we'll be giving out a rare "I hate Towelie" T-shirt AND a South Park 2005 Calendar-in-a-box!

[font size=small]Contestants must be U.S. Residents 18 or over to play. Previous winners since the beginning of this season not eligible. Void where prohibited. See your dealer for details.[/font]

Coming soon: new screensavers, backgrounds, icons & webgames!

2371 - halpinm: April 22, 2005

"Best Friends Forever" storyboards
You've waited long enough! Storyboards from episode 904 are now available. Click here!

New Wallpaper
We've also got a new wallpaper for you from the same episode. Click here and make heaven your background!

2372 - halpinm: April 23, 2005

More Rare South Park Items on eBay
Jason McHugh has decided to auction more of his South Park collection on eBay, so check out these nifty items! He's offering a South Park Thermal longsleeve Wendy and Stan shirt, a "Tree Hugging Hippie Crap" T-shirt, a "Cartoons Kick Ass" T-shirt, and a "The Many Deaths of Kenny" T-shirt. Additionally, he's auctioning off a nearly lifesize (35 inch) cardboard Kenny and an Orgazmo "Farewell Evildoers" T-shirt! So check it out!

South Park Your Way
Monday, May 23 - Thursday, May 26 (nightly at 9:30)
A lot of people think they're big "South Park" fans, but tune-in to find out who is the biggest! Starting Monday, May 9, "South Park" fans can go online to and compete in a trivia competition to see who knows "South Park" the best. The winner gets to have "South Park" their way for a whole week and chooses the four episodes that will air at 9:30 p.m. the week of May 23.

And this week on South Park: Preschool!

2373 - halpinm: April 24, 2005

Season 9 Marathon
If you missed "Erection Day" this Wednesday, don't worry, you've got two more chances to experience it! Comedy Central will replay it tonight at 11pm ET/PT. And if that's not enough, Comedy Central will replay the ENTIRE first half of season 9 next weekend! Tune in Saturday at 10pm ET/PT to see the first four episodes and again Sunday at 10pm ET/PT to see the last three.

2374 - halpinm: April 27, 2005

The Losing Edge Storyboards
Storyboards are now up for episode 905 ("The Losing Edge"). Check them out -- click here!

Episode 905 FAQ
What was the song in episode 905? Where was Kenny in "The Losing Edge"? Click here and get the FAQs for yourself.

Don't forget about Trivia this Wednesday at 8pm EST / 5pm PST!

2375 - halpinm: April 30, 2005

South Park Season 9 Marathon
Today and tomorrow Comedy Central will be replaying all of the first half of Season 9 in two chunks. Four episodes will play tonight beginning at 10pm ET/PT, and three more begin tomorrow at 10pm ET/PT. So if you've missed an episode, or just wanted to see them all again -- now is your chance!

Catch them all and then vote in our new poll!
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