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2320 - halpinm: February 07, 2005

North Korea requests Team America ban
According to the Associated Press, North Korea's embassy in Prague has demanded that the film "Team America: World Police'' be banned in the Czech Republic. However, the Czech Foreign Ministy said the movie would not be banned.

View the full story here, here or here. (And vote in our poll!)

School cans Cannibal
This is a bit old, but we thought it might be appropriate to mention here too: a highschool adaption of "Cannibal: the Musical" (another work by the same duo that brought you South Park) was cancelled by school administrators, even though much of the "objectionable" content was edited out.

Full story here.

Search problems?
Over the past few days, several people have reported difficulties with the various search facilities available on this site. We believe most of these issues have been resolved. Search away!

2322 - halpinm: February 10, 2005

Orgazmo: Special Edition?
We're always getting questions about the rumored Orgazmo: Special Edition release date. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's one of Matt & Trey's other works, wherein Trey plays a Mormon who takes a job in the adult movie industry to pay for his wedding.

Anyway, we've been told that the most recent rumored date (March 29, 2005), is, in fact, apparently true! At least one major media retailer is taking pre-orders, so if you haven't ordered, now is a great time!

To commentary or not to commentary, that is the question
We've been getting a lot of questions about this, so just to clarify: yes, Matt and Trey recorded mini-commentaries which are present on the upcoming Season 5 DVD.

Once more, the current (confirmed) release list:
Feb 22 Season 5 on DVD (US)
Mar 9 Season 9 starts on Comedy Central
Mar 29 Orgazmo: Special Edition on DVD
Apr 5 Team America on DVD (US)
Apr 25 Team America on DVD (UK)
Oct 19 Season 9.5 starts on Comedy Central

2321 - halpinm: February 07, 2005

Season 5 DVD Preorders
Just in case you weren't already aware, the South Park Season 5 DVD set will be available in about two weeks! If you're impatient, or if there's nowhere nearby you can get one, we'd thought we'd also mention that the DVD set is now available for pre-order from our very own Comedy Central store. Click here. (Update: Free shipping is available on this item, too!)

[font size=small](This date only applies to the US release; we're still waiting to get confirmation on the dates for other regions.)[/font]

Even More Scheduling fun!
Newer scheduling info from Comedy Central list some of the Wednesday night episodes as re-airing late Sunday (technically Monday morning) at 12:30 am EST. Of course, this may change again when Season 9 begins in March.

And this week on South Park: The Passion of the Jew!

2323 - halpinm: February 11, 2005

International Season 5 DVD Availability?
Many of you have been asking about the international availability of the Season 5 DVD set. We have received information about it, but it might not be available quite as soon as some of you were hoping.

The Season 5 DVD set will be available in the US in twelve days; however, it will not be available in most other markets until 2006.

2324 - halpinm: February 15, 2005

A fortnight of information!
This week and next week, check back every weekday as we'll be releasing all kinds of interesting information and site updates.

Orgazmo DVD Extras
We've got some more information from Jason McHugh about the "Orgazmo: Special Edition" DVD, and we're quite excited! Not only will the DVD include BOTH the theatrical (NC-17) and original, uncut (and unrated!) versions of the movie, but it will also include a restored version of the trailer, "The Book of Orgazmo", several commentaries (including a drunken commentary with Jason McHugh, Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Dian Bachar, and others) and other goodies, too!

Team America DVD
There won't just be one Team America DVD, there will be TWO: one with the theatrical version of the movie, and another uncut (with the full love scene). Both versions will be available in stores on the same day.

2325 - halpinm: February 16, 2005

A Fortnight of Information 2: Season 9 Planning
Just like we said -- our next update! Here's what up in the studio right now:

Season 9 Planning Begins!
The writers are gathering today to begin planning for the first half of season nine. Over the next few days, they'll discuss ideas for the the upcoming half-season. What awaits our favorite fourth graders this time?

Season 9 Weekend Reruns?
For those of you who can't catch South Park on Wednesday nights: Comedy Central's newest plans feature the weekend reruns of the upcoming Season 9 episodes re-airing Sunday night at 11pm EST.

Check back tomorrow for some more very interesting news, as we continue our "fortnight of information."

2326 - halpinm: February 18, 2005

A Fortnight of Information 3: FAQs
Life has a lot of important questions. Why are we here? Where are we going? Whose hands were in "Cartman's Special Gift"? What is Mee Krob? Fortunately for you, South Park Studios has all the answers.

Click here and be enlightened.

2327 - halpinm: February 18, 2005

The Fortnight Continues: The First Season 9 Info!
As we've previously announced, planning is in progress for the first half of season 9 (the first episode of which airs on Comedy Central March 9th). However, we haven't said anything about the upcoming episodes... until now:

The upcoming half-season will be eight episodes long, one episode longer than the first half of season eight.

2328 - halpinm: February 22, 2005

The Fortnight Weekday 5: Bad News About Team America
We've received confirmation that the rumors are true, the Team America DVD has been delayed to May 17. In the meantime, if you need a DVD to watch, the Season 5 DVD will be available in stores tomorrow!

This week on South Park: "Douche and Turd".
(Check back later this week for a nifty Douche and Turd download!)

2329 - halpinm: February 22, 2005

The Fortnight Continues: More Season 9 Info!
Last season, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman took on everything from aliens and steroids to Mel Gibson and Paris Hilton. In the ninth season, one of the citizens of South Park undergoes a sex change operation, Butters sees dead people and Cartman takes on his lifelong enemies - hippies!

Don't forget: season 9 starts March 9th on Comedy Central, airing the first eight of this year's sixteen episodes.

And if that wasn't enough: Season 5 is now available on DVD in North America! Click here to order from the Comedy Central Store!

2330 - halpinm: February 25, 2005

The Fortnight Continues: FAQs all about the Voice Actors
Who voiced Paris Hilton? Who voiced Trent Boyett? Who voiced Chris, Satan's lover? Is it okay to kill someone if they ask you to?

Click here, and we'll tell you!

2331 - halpinm: February 25, 2005

The Fortnight Weekday 9: New Office Photos
Ask and ye shall receive: six new pictures of South Park Studios are now available in the "behind the scenes" section of our website. Recently, a few posters and sets from "Team America: World Police" took their rightful place in the Studio. Click here and get a peek inside the studio. You might even get to see our kitchen!
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