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2241 - halpinm: January 13, 2005

South Park Background Wallpaper

Do you wish you could enjoy the peace, quiet and beautiful scenery of South Park, Colorado right along with Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman?

No, we're not taking a roadtrip, but we do have some wallpaper available for your home computer.

They come in three sizes: small (800x600), medium (1024x768) and jumbotron (1280x1024). So click here and enjoy!

2242 - halpinm: January 20, 2005

Schedule Change?
It looks like the Sunday night re-airing of Wednesday's episode is being changed again; beginning next week, it will be pushed back a half-hour. Therefore, the Wednesday night episode will be shown again Sunday at 11:30pm/10:30pm C.

Site speedups
Near the end of last week, we worked to speed up some aspects of the website. Hopefully this should result in improved access times, especially to users on dialup connections.

My Precioussss
Last but certainly not least, there's one more wallpaper available for you. It's from "The Return of the Lord of the Rings to the Two Towers", so it might be just the right one with which to scare your annoying younger sibling!

2243 - halpinm: January 21, 2005

Season 5 on DVD slightly sooner
According to Paramount, the Season 5 DVD set will be available on February 22nd instead of the previously-announced March 1st. That's just a month away! Get ready!

South Park Republicans?
Although some conservatives have condemned South Park, others say some of its positions actually align heavily with some of today's conservatives. What do you think? Does South Park represent today's (or tomorrow's) Conservativism, or is this wishful thinking? Or perhaps just a bunch of boloney?

What do you think?
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2244 - halpinm: January 24, 2005

Buncha FAQs
There's a bunch of new questions and answers, for your reading pleasure. Click. Read. Learn.

Let's Review
We've been getting a lot of questions about what comes out when, so to review: The Season 5 DVD collection is coming out later next month, and Season 9 will begin a couple weeks later in March. The Team America DVD is currently scheduled to come out the first week of April.

And this week on South Park: Good Times with Weapons!

2245 - halpinm: January 26, 2005

More Scheduling Information
Comedy Central has officially decided upon October 19, 2005, as the date on which the second half of Season 9 will begin. Note that is still a half-season off; we have yet to go through the first half!

So, just to recap, the dates as they stand now:
Feb 22 - Season 5 on DVD
Mar 9 - Season 9 begins (episode 901)
Apr 5 - Team America on DVD
Oct 19 - Season 9 1/2 begins

2246 - halpinm: January 28, 2005

South Park Chess Set
The all-new South Park Chess Set is here! Yes, Big Gay Al is the Queen and Kyle is the Jewish Bishop, but who's the king?

Now available in the Comedy Central store!

2319 - halpinm: January 31, 2005

Team... Great Britain?
We're received word from a number of folks in the UK that the Region 2 "Team America" DVD has been listed for release on April 25th. Start saving!

Schedule Recap
Mark your calendars:
Feb 22 Season 5 on DVD (Region 1)
Mar 9 Season 9 begins on Comedy Central
Apr 5 Team America on DVD (Region 1)
Apr 25 Team America on DVD (Region 2)
Oct 19 Season 9.5 begins on Comedy Central

More Scheduling Changes?
The latest scheduling information we've received from Comedy Central does not include a Saturday or Sunday re-airing of the Wednesday night episode, effective next week. (It's possible this could change again in the near future.)

This week on South Park: "Up the Down Steroid!"
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