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Hans Blix mentions his Team America counterpart

Hans Blix mentions his Team America counterpart
We've recently learned that Hans Blix mentioned his appearance in Team America in a recent speech on nonproliferation:

"States are not terribly impressed by international secretariats, I can tell you. You can run into resistance. What weapon does [an international organization] have? The weapon you have is that if you do not go along with this, I will report to the board. That is what you have. I heard there was a movie here in the US about Iraq and I feature as a character who tells Kim Jong Il that if you do not behave, I will report. And thereafter Kim says, 'F**k you, Hans Blix, and chops off my head and it falls down into some poo-poo or other.' I mean this is the way that I get known around the world..."

We're glad to see that Hans has a sense of humor! To see a transcript of his entire speech, click here. And thanks to Brian at Arms Control Today for letting us know.

Trivia Tomorrow (02/03/2006)

Trivia Tomorrow
Join us for a game of trivia tomorrow. Prove your knowledge of South Park and you could win a cool South Park tie. Good at any occasion!

Trivia begins tomorrow (Friday) at
5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

Trivia Today! (02/03/2005)

Trivia Today!
Join us for a game of a trivia. The game starts at 5pm Pacific Time / 6pm Mountain Time / 7pm Central Time / 8pm Eastern Time. Join us then in the South Park Studio chatroom by clicking here, or if you have your own IRC client, go to port 6667. Don't be late!

FAQs for 02/03/2006

What is "Crab Dinner?"
Do Matt and Trey do the voice of Ike?
Where did Kenny's little sister come from?
Why do the English get called French and vice versa, sometimes?

All this and more. Click here.

Preorder the Season 7 DVD at the Comedy Central Store

Preorder the Season 7 DVD at the Comedy Central Store
For all of you who've been waiting for the Season 7 DVD, that day is nearly here. The South Park / Comedy Central Store is now taking preorders for the DVD, which will be shipping next month. Preorder your copy now -- click here!

Season 9.5 Runoff Vote

Season 9.5 Runoff Vote
It's now time for the final runoff vote to determine your -- the fan's -- favorite episode from the last half-season. If you're logged in, you can vote in the "polls" section to the right.

Here are the results from the first poll:

And here are the results from the second poll:

So vote now!

Superbowl FAQ? Click here.

Episode 914 Images #4

"Bloody Mary" Statue Pictures
In one of South Park's neighboring towns, a statue of Mary has apparently started bleeding... from a very interesting area. The church has sent someone over to investigate. We've got pictures -- click here.

The FAQs for 02/08/2006

In today's episode of the FAQs...

I'm religious and love the show -- can you tone down the language?
Why not answer questions like 'Will Matt and Trey bring back...?'
Is this Sean Penn a real person?
How many episodes have been made so far?
Why not make a second movie? I think it'd be awesome.
What song did Stan play in Raisins?

Find out. Click here.

New Staff Art from Byron Lopez

New Staff Art
We've got two new pieces of staff art from Byron Y. Lopez, South Park Technical Director. Check out "Plump" and "Neck-Bone" in our Staff Art section or just click here!

FAQs for 02/13/2006

  • Do you guys know any spoiler sites for the upcoming season?
  • How do you type with boxing gloves on?
  • How could Kenny afford a PSP if he's so poor?
  • Is this really what the Season 7 boxart will look like?
  • How do you copy-and-paste from Create-A-Character?

Answers? Click here.

Free Hat at the Comedy Central Store

Free Hat at the Comedy Central Store
Currently at the Comedy Central Store:

For a limited time, get a FREE hat when you spend $40 on South Park Merchandise. Receive the South Park Comedy Central Exclusive Group Graffiti Hat free when you spend $40 or more on South Park merchandise. South Park Customized Watches are excluded.

(And yes, this time "free hat" is referring to the kind you wear on your head.)

Episode 914 Images #5

Bloody Mary Pictures
We've added some more high-quality pictures for episode 914, Bloody Mary. Click here.

FAQs for 02/18/2006

  • Is Tweek his first or his last name?
  • Do any of the boys have allergies or asthma?
  • Is that noise in the syndicated opening a register?
  • Where is Cartman's cat in the characters section?

And more! For the answers, click here.

FAQs for 02/22/2006

Why doesn't Kevin die too?
Where can I find that animated gif of the goth kid?
Why is Kyle a white belt if Ike is a yellow?
Why don't you do an episode on Australia?
Where did you get "Mongolians" from?

To get the answers, click here. To get the animated icon, click here.

"Swim with the Dolphins" Screen Saver

"Swim with the Dolphins" Screen Saver
Have you ever dreamed of swimming with the dolphins? If so, join the dolphins off the coast with our new screensaver -- available for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. Click here, the water's nice!

Brian Boitano embraces his cartoon identity

Brian Boitano embraces his cartoon identity
Brian Boitano, the olympic skater who appears in various episodes of South Park, has decided to embrace his construction paper side and is debuting "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" t-shirts. Click here for more details, thanks to Big-Will for letting us know.

Appeal Results in Record Audience

Appeal Results in Record Audience
An appeal from the Catholic Church for New Zealanders to boycott an episode of South Park has resulted in a record audience there for the controversial cartoon. More info here, and thanks to Brenda for letting us know.
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