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Interview with J. J. Franzen

Interview with J. J. Franzen
Computer World has an interview with J. J. Franzen, South Park's technical supervisor. In it, he discusses the growing storage needs of a cartoon about to enter its tenth season and some of South Park's new hardware. Check it out!

FAQs for 01/05/2006

"Is masturbation gay?"
"What happened to that Breast Cancer episode?"
"Will the next episode be 1001, or what?"
"Why was there a visitor in the most recent episode?"
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Trey Parker's new Seattle Condo

Trey Parker's new Seattle Condo
Curious about the kind of places Trey is into these days? Or how he's decorated his new apartment? Check out what Trey had to say in this Bloomberg News Article. Click here.

South Park: BLU and Team America in Channel 4's Best Comedys

"South Park: the Movie" and "Team America" in Channel 4's Best Comedies
According to a poll conducted by Channel 4 (UK), South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut is the 5th best comedy movie of all time. Team America also came in at number 39. To see the whole list at Channel 4, click here.

(Thanks to Bob for letting us know!)

FAQs for 01/09/2006

The FAQs
"Where can I play South Park games online?"
"Why is South Park rated different in Australia?"
"Why is South Park rated different on some channels?"

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Bloody Mary has not been cancelled

Bloody Mary
Since so many of you have been asking: the folks over at have been very diligently following the recent controversy surrounding Bloody Mary, the final episode of season 9. They've posted a confirmation letter they and their readers have received from Comedy Central that Bloody Mary has not been removed from future airings nor has it been removed from the DVD. To check out this and their timeline of events, click here.

Trivia This Week (01/20/2006)

"Why doesn't Kenny brother's ever say anything?"
"How about female-oriented SP merchandise at the CC store?"
"How did Kenny return in 'Red Sleigh Down?'"
"When are new DVDs coming?"
"Are you planning to release South Park on iTunes?"

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Season 9.5 Vote 2

Help us as we continue to try and find the fan favorite from the last half-season! Vote now!

Episode 914 Images

"Bloody Mary" Karate Pictures
Want to learn how to get some disciprine in your life? Maybe Karate would help! Download pictures of the boys of South Park practicing this age old art in our episode downloads section. Click here!

FAQs for 01/13/2006

"Will South Park go on for seasons 10 and 11?"
"Why was there an alien in the back of Randy's car?"
"Why are the characters eight instead of teenagers?"
"Are there any more episodes in season 9?"

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Issac Hayes in the Hospital

Isaac Hayes in the Hospital
For those of you asking about Isaac Hayes, the voice of South Park's "Chef", he's been in the hospital recently to be treated for exhaustion (as noted here at Yahoo News). To all you South Park fans out there, we hope you'll keep him in your thoughts.

Cannibal the Musical coming to PSP

Cannibal the Musical coming to PSP
According to IGN, "Cannibal: The Musical" will be available on UMD discs (the format used by the PSP) on March 7th! For those of you not familiar with it, Cannibal is a full-length musical and movie -- sort of like "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut," but not animated. Cannibal tells the story of Alfred Packer (played by Trey), the sole member to return from a group lost in the mountains during the cold winter and his two-timing horse, Liane.

If you haven't seen Cannibal, it's definitely worth checking out -- it'll make your day shpadoinkle!

"Is it true that South Park will end in 20089?"
"Is the whale on the moon a reference to Final Fantasy?"
"Where can I get a copy of the composite sketch of the boys?"

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Trivia Today (01/20/2005)

Trivia Today!
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Matt and Trey in GQ

Matt and Trey in GQ
As noted previously in the South Park Production Blog, Matt and Trey will be appearing in an upcoming issue of GQ -- specifically the February 2006 issue, which will be available very soon so be sure to look for that. You can also view the article on GQ's website -- click here!
(Thanks to Will for the link)

"Bloody Mary" Arrest Pictures

"Bloody Mary" Arrest Pictures
Randy Marsh, South Park's very own resident geologist, has been arrested! Check out these high-quality pictures courtesy of the South Park paparazzi. Click here.

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Free Willzyx Wallpaper

Free Willzyx Wallpaper
By popular request, we've added a new wallpaper featuring the final moments of episode 913, Free Willzyx. To bring that lunar whale feel to your desktop, check out our wallpaper section by clicking here.

Sean Penn at it again?

This has been coming up in the FAQs and via email, some people think it's real -- maybe we can't post this, but it's just so incredibly amusing:

Q. Sean Penn is at it again! Have you seen this?!

A. The Onion is a satirical newspaper.

"The Aristocrats" DVD Now Available

"The Aristocrats" DVD Now Available!
For those of you who have been waiting, the Aristocrats is now available on DVD! And of course, if you haven't seen this movie, why not see it now?

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FAQs for 01/25/2006

  • I once saw a South Park short on VHS that looked like it was drawn in crayon. What was that?
  • Do you have a screensaver for my PC?
  • When is the next time you'll air....?
  • Is Wing a real musical artist?
  • What happened to that game, "Something's Wrong in South Park?"
  • When do you answer the FAQs? What's the process for it?

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South Park on iTunes

From the Comedy Central Press Release:

Beginning on January 26, iTunes Music Store, the world's most popular video download store, joins forces with Comedy Central, the only all-comedy network, to offer consumers an extensive library of downloadable comedic video content including adult animation and stand-up. Through the coming weeks and months, Comedy Central will continue to add to the iTunes library, dipping into the network's existing catalog. From previously released on DVD episodes of "South Park" and "Drawn Together" to new episodes of "South Park" and "Drawn Together" available for download, in advance of their DVD release.

For $1.99 per episode, consumers can download Comedy Central shows from the iTunes Music Store and view them on their iPods or computers. iTunes users will have access to 56 half-hour episodes from the following Comedy Central programming:
  • "South Park," the Emmy-Award winning show, soon to begin its tenth season and the network's highest rated series

    • Season One (13 episodes)
    • Season Two (18 episodes)

iTunes can be downloaded by clicking here.

Episode 914 Images #3

Pictures of Randy's "Disease"
After being arrested, Randy Marsh has apparently fallen very ill! Or has he? Download the (DVD-quality) pictures in our episode downloads section and judge for yourself. Click here.

Trivia Tomorrow (01/26/2006)

Trivia Tomorrow!
Join us tomorrow for a game of trivia and you could win a set of South Park Valentine's Day Cards! Trivia begins at 5pm Pacific Time, 6pm Mountain Time, 7pm Central Time, or 8pm Eastern Time.

FAQs for 01/28/2006

"Why hasn't season 9 aired in the UK?"
"What states are Trey's other condos in?"
"Why call an episode 'Kenny Dies?' It happens all the time!"
"Why do some episode titles seem to have little to do with the ep?"
"Will there be another episode with Trent Boyett in it?"

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More Staff Art from Byron Lopez

Staff Art from Byron Lopez
Today we've got two new works of art from Byron Lopez, South Park technical director. For those of you who liked Byron's character Kool Aid, be sure to check out Kool Aid's 3D rendering!

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Trivia Today (01/27/2005)

Trivia Today!
Today we'll be giving away a set of South Park Valentines Day Cards! Be sure to join us, trivia begins at: 5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

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FAQs for 01/31/2006

"Why is French Canada like that in your episodes?"
"Is it true that SP is made the way shown in 'A Very Crappy Christmas?'"
"Why don't Matt and Trey perform in their own show?"
"How do you guys know Kenny Hotz?"
"Will you be making a season 10? What will the first ep be called?"

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