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Trey and Matt Talk Boobage

Check Out Exclusive Behind the Scenes Video of "Major Boobage," with Commentary by South Park Creators TREY PARKER and MATT STONE.

Trey and Matt explain where the ideas for Major Boobage originated in the fourth and final, Behind the Scenes look at Major Boobage called "Kenny's Hot Chick." The sequence also features live-action footage of the the "Hot Chick," that the South Park artists used to create the rotoscoped look of the episode. All four behind the scenes sequences are now live on the site and feature exclusive content, production art, storyboards and commentary from Trey and Matt and other senior artists.

Stay tuned. We've got more exclusive content coming out all summer, as we head to October and the new season of South Park.

Summer Sale

"Cheap is almost as good as free!" Sure you can watch them for free here, but if you like South Park you can take with you anywhere, get South Park Season 1 and Season 2 from iTunes for just 99 cents per episode! (For a limited time only.)

South Park, Now on Your Mobile Phone.

The new South Park Mobile website is now available for your phone. It's packed with as many games, forums, quizzes, and fan exclusives that can fit into that tiny thing. Text "SP" to 44686 to get there.

South Park on Xbox Live

The rumors are true. A brand new South Park game is coming to Xbox Live in 2009. That's all we've got for now, but stay tuned for more details over the next few months. Let the speculations begin!

Imaginationland Gets an Emmy Nomination

Congratulations Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Butters and the rest of the hard working crew at South Park. The Imaginationland Trilogy has been nominated for an Emmy in the category, "Outstanding Animated Program" one hour or more. It's a great day at the Park!

From the Comedy Central Press Release:
Two-Time Emmy-Winning Animated Favorite "South Park" Receives Eighth Nomination
Two-time Emmy-winner "South Park," the adult animation phenomenon, home to Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman, received its eighth nomination for the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program. Nominated for the "Imaginationland" trilogy, the show in its 12th season remains COMEDY CENTRAL's highest rated show.

The Emmy Awards will be presented in two ceremonies. The first, primarily for creative arts categories, will take place on Saturday, September 13, while the balance of the Emmys, primarily for the performing arts, will be announced before a black-tie audience during a primetime telecast on Sunday, September 21. Both ceremonies will take place at the NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles, CA.

OUTSTANDING ANIMATED PROGRAM (For Programming One Hour or More)
South Park, "Imaginationland"
Trey Parker, Executive Producer, Writer, Director
Matt Stone, Executive Producer
Anne Garefino, Executive Producer
Frank C. Agnone II, Supervising Producer
Kyle McCulloch, Producer
Eric Stough, Producer
Bruce Howell, Producer
Adrien Beard, Producer
Vernon Chatman, Producer
Erica Rivinoja, Producer
Pam Brady, Producer
Ryan Quincy, Director of Animation
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