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Episode 1207 Image Downloads

We've added more images from the season finale, Super Fun Time! Check them out!

Eek, A Penis! Returns

Eek, A Penis! has now returned permanently to Watch it today!

More Super Fun Time Images

We've added more high-quality images to from the mid-season finale, Super Fun Time!

South Park Censored

Category: Tasteless
We've heard via that American Airlines Japan isn't allowing to be viewed in their Admiral's Club -- apparently our website is "tasteless!" For more, check out

The Return of the Polls

By popular demand, we've re-add the polls to (almost) every page on the site! If you're logged in, listen to the new songs we created for this season on the sounds page and vote for your favorite!

Penis Mouse Screensaver

We've just added an awesome new screensaver featuring Garrison and the Penis Mouse! Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Trey's Picks: Summer Heights High

Today in Watch This, we've added links to video for one of Trey Parker's favorite shows, Summer Heights High. Check it out!

Super Fun Time Returns!

Super Fun Time is back on the site! Watch it today!

All Episodes Online!

All 174 episodes of South Park are now online!

Find the Aliens in Season 12

Win a Season 11 autographed DVD in this cool promotion to celebrate all episodes returning to the site.

Aliens. Maybe you've seen them lurking in the background of a scene or hiding in plain sight, they seem to be almost everywhere in South Park. The crew at South Park started hiding the Aliens in the show all the way back in season 1. Not every episode has an Alien, but you'd be surprised at how many of the spooky creatures are hidden throughout the past 12 seasons. In the beginning it was just for fun and an easter egg for fans, but this season we had a mission. In each of the first 7 episodes of season 12, we hid one alien somewhere in the show. If you are up to the challenge of finding the cleverly hidden Aliens, and a registered user over the age of 18, check out the rules of the promotion and start the search for your chance to win.

Imaginationland: The Movie in HD on DirecTV

The broadcast premiere of South Park's Imaginationland: The Movie will be presented uncensored, and in all of its Hi-Def glory this weekend on DirecTV Channel 101. Catch the bonus episode Good Times with Weapons, also in HD, before the Imaginationland movie. The movie and the bonus episode are presented commercial free thanks to Sirius Satellite Radio.

Fear not SD viewers you can watch the bonus episode Good Times with Weapons and Imaginationland: The Movie for free too. It is being presented in both HD and SD on channels 101HD and 101. Check the program guide for more details.

East coast air times:

Saturday, May 31 12:00 AM EDT (late Friday night)
Saturday, May 31 1:30 AM EDT
Saturday, May 31 3:00 AM EDT

Sunday, June 1 12:00 AM EDT (late Saturday night)
Sunday, June 1 1:30 AM EDT
Sunday, June 1 3:00 AM EDT

West coast air times:

Friday, May 30 9:00 PM PST
Friday, May 30 10:30 PM PST
Saturday, May 31 12:00 AM PST

Saturday, May 31 9:00 PM PST
Saturday, May 31 10:30 PM PST
Sunday, June 1 12:00 AM PST
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