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Christmas Time In South Park

Join in as the citizens of South Park sing many of everyone's favorite holiday classics like "Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo" and "Christmas Time in Hell." See the boys bring Christmas to Iraq and learn how hard it is to be a Jew during the holiday season. It's the time of year we can put aside all of our differences and agree on what the holidays are really about: presents!

Grab a sweet present for yourself and download Christmas Time in South Park now from iTunes and get these magical episodes for just $0.99 apiece.

Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo
Merry Christmas Charlie Manson
Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics
Red Sleigh Down
It's Christmas in Canada
Woodland Critter Christmas

South Park Wins VGA

Thanks to all the fans who voted for South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! We just won the VGA for "Best Game Based on a TV Show or Movie."

If you haven't tried it out yet, grab your copy of SPLGTP! from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Pandemic Guinea Pig Costume Winners

Looks like Christmas came early for a couple South Park fans out there. Congrats to our Guinea-Saurus Rex sweepstakes winners:

First Place - Leslie Rathbun (The Guinea-Saurus Rex Costume)

Second Place - Jeffrey Townsend (The Guinea-Bee Costume)

They will both be receiving their custom framed and signed Guinea Pig costumes in the next day or two!

If you missed our behind-the-scenes feature, "Attack of the Guinea-Saurus Rex," be sure to check it out now.

More Sweepstakes Winners!

We emailed a few thousand fans last week who won Professor Chaos codes for the now-award-winning South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! Xbox LIVE arcade game, by entering the "Become a South Park Citizen Sweepstakes."

If you were one of the lucky winners, redeeming your codes is easy. Just follow these steps to claim your prize from the web or on your Xbox 360.

From on the web:
1. Pull down the My Account menu, and select Redeem Code.
2. Follow the simple steps and enters code you received in the email

From your Xbox 360:
1. Go to My Xbox
2. Sign into Xbox LIVE
3. Go to your profile
4. Select Manage Account
5. Select Redeem Code and enter code you received in the email

The codes only work with a fully purchased game, so if you haven't purchased it yet, you can get your copy here for just 800 MS points or about $10 dollars.

Later this week we will be announcing our grand prize and first prize winners in the "Become a South Park Citizen" sweepstakes. Many of you may have already been contacted, but we can't announce the big winners until everyone has responded and filled out all that boring paperwork.

We are working on a way to get more more codes for Professor Chaos and the unlockable challenge levels out to fans. If you haven't been lucky enough to win one, stay tuned for more info.

South Park Citizen Winners

Congratulations to all the winners in the "Become a South Park Citizen" sweepstakes...

Grand Prize Winner - Matthew Klinner

First Prize winners:

Week One - Jonathan Evans
Week Two - Tyler Trobridge
Week Three - Collin Vestal
Week Four - Katie Tolbert
Week Five - John Ford
Week Six - Samuel Soto
Week Seven - Adam Rutten

Not only did Matthew win a kick-ass heap of SouthPark stuff, he will have his likeness added to the opening sequence of the season 14 premiere, in March. Well done, Matthew!

If there was an alien that managed to escape your focused search last season, check out the South Park Citizen page where we have posted all their elusive hiding places.

Thanks to everyone who played, and make sure to mark your calendar for the season Premiere and Matthew Klinner's South Park debut, on March 17 at 10pm EST.
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