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All Episodes Back!

If you haven't noticed or if you've been waiting to watch that one episode you missed, all of season 13A has returned and is back on site! And if you're craving more South Park, we've got more new episodes headed this way this fall -- plus lots of awesome content coming in the meantime!

Attack of the Guinea-Saurus Rex

The second half of season 13 is still a few months away, but to help pass the time, we have a brand new Behind-the-Scenes feature called Anatomy of a Guinea-Saurus Rex launching today. In this exclusive you will hear from the animators, technical directors and the storyboard artist who brought the Guinea-Saurus Rex to life in "Pandemic 2 - The Startling." Part Five is a special commentary by Trey and Matt about working with Guinea Pigs... in costumes.

After checking out the new feature, make sure to enter our sweepstakes and win an actual guinea pig costume from the show. We are giving away two of the costumes, including the Guinea-Saurus Rex costume worn in this feature. We've also got a brand new game, where you play as Craig to rescue the boys from the evil guinea monsters.
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