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South Park at the Superbowl

Did you watch this weekend's Superbowl in Dallas, and if so, did you catch the little South Park clip? If not, have no fear -- you can see it here.

"Book Of Mormon" Sneak Previews!

On Monday night, Matt and Trey's soon-to-be released Broadway Musical "The Book of Mormon" rocked a special, super-secret, sneak-peak performance in a tiny rehearsal room in New York City. Only the first 25 minutes were shown, but as you can see below, it was more than enough to get some critics excited...

"The Book of Mormon is both a classical musical and wickedly, raunchily funny. But if anything it may be even more than you're expecting--more clever, more inspired by musicals of the past, and above all more generous to the religion that inspired it." - Cinema Blend

"In what may go down as one of the funniest 20 minutes I?ve ever endured, the creators of ?South Park?...whet our appetites on their new musical, The Book Of Mormon." - Guyism

"?The first 25 minutes gave me the confidence that the entire thing will live up to the already high expectation I have. I can?t wait to venture back out here to see the full production!" - Ain't It Cool

Book of Mormon in the NYT!

With less than a week until "The Book of Mormon" hits Broadway, the New York Times stopped by for a sweet, yet blasphemous taste of the soon-to-be-released musical. Previews start Feb. 24th, but you don't have to wait that long -- check out the article for an inside peek!! And don't forget to get your tickets...

Matt and Trey on "Letterman"

Tune in to catch Matt and Trey on the â??Late Show with David Lettermanâ? tonight @ 11:35pm on CBS! They'll be chatting all about their brand-new new musical "The Book of Mormon" and much more. You don't wanna miss this!!
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