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What's the deal with people's names changing?

These name change questions are asked so often, I am officially adding this to the new "Most Frequently Answered Questions" section! And here's the answer, plus some:

As you mentioned, last names (and even first names) get switched up a lot in South Park. To be perfectly honest, this name game is just a side effect of the way the episodes are made. When you're creating a show, start-to-finish in 6 days, most of the time goes into getting the episode finished and on the air before the deadline. And when you've done that over 200 times, little details slip through the cracks. So Swanson becomes Valmer, and Williams becomes Black, and Mr. Garrison becomes a woman who becomes a lesbian who becomes a man again thanks to a penis mouse. It's all pretty simple.

Here's the rundown of name changes throughout the years:

Jimmy Swanson ---> Jimmy Valmer
Token Williams -----> Token Black
Chris Stotch ---------> Stephen Stotch
Clyde Harris ---------> Clyde Donovan
Mr. Garrison, Ethan Garrison (pen name), Miss Garrison, Janet Garrison ----------> Mr. Herbert Garrison
Red, Bertha, Rebbecca ------> Red
Jordan (Season 2) ------> Annie
Swanson (Season 2) ------> Butters
Carol (Season 1, "Death") ------> Sharon Marsh
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